77-year-old Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination

77-year-old Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination

The fourth and final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention took place last night. Spoiler alert, former Vice President Joe Biden accepted the presidential nomination. Joe Biden is 77 years old. If he wins the election in November, he will be the oldest president in United States history. His opponent, Donald Trump is 74 years old. How did we end here? Out of everyone in this country who is eligible to run for president. we ended up with not one, but two geriatric citizens, long past the age of retirement.

If you are too old to be an air traffic controller, I think you are too old to be president.

In a perfect world, I would vote for neither candidate

77-year-old Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination
Remember when people used to get dressed up to vote? Me neither.

I cannot believe our political system foisted these two people upon us. No one can convince me either one of these men is in their prime. In a perfect world, we would look at the two candidates the two political parties gave us and we would collectively tell them to go back and do it again. When we vote, she should be given the choice of “None of the Above.”

I can not ever see myself voting for Donald Trump. The problem is, under normal conditions, I would say the same about Joe Biden. I voted for Barack Obama twice. Both times I had a problem casting my vote because of who his running mate was. After he chose not to run in 2016, I thought I never had to concern myself with having to vote for him again.

I was wrong.

Joe Biden spoke

77-year-old Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination
Joe Biden never met a microphone he did not like.

I did not watch any of the Democratic National Convention, so I missed out on hearing Joe Biden’s speech. I am sure it is on YouTube. If I get really bored today and if Ethan Van Sciver does not post one of his highly entertaining four-hour live streams, maybe I will give Biden’s speech a listen. I will have to get really bored though.

I did read about Biden’s speech. At least I tried to. When I got to this paragraph in the Amazon/Washington Post article I was reading about the speech, I had to stop reading.

From Amazon/Washington Post:

In a 25-minute speech, the former vice president channeled concern over multiple, simultaneous crises facing the country while urging the American people to choose what he called “a path of hope and light.”

Concern over multiple, simultaneous crises facing the country? This is false. There’s only one (1) crisis facing this country. It is COVID-19 and as I write this, it has killed 174,137 people in this country. Show me one other “crisis” in this country that has left such a death toll in its wake. Granted, our economy is in terrible shape right now, but that is because of the pandemic. Without the Coronavirus pandemic, the economy would be in relatively good shape.

I hate when someone’s opinion gets inserted into a news article. Not that there is not a place for opinion in a newspaper or a website belonging to a newspaper. An opinion should not get injected into a news article. It is up to the reader to form their own opinion when reading a news article. Amazon/Washington Post is not alone in this deplorable practice. The New York Times is guilty of it too. I am sure other newspapers do it too. I read both the Amazon/Washington Post and the New York Times so they are what I am familiar with.

I cannot wait for 2020 to be over

77-year-old Joe Biden accepts Democratic presidential nomination
The official coin of the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

The year 2020 is the worst year in my lifetime, and I once spent a year in Mississipi. My problem is that I have no reason to believe 2021 will be any better. It is not like the Coronavirus will just go away when we collectively hang new calendars in our home and offices, if any of us still have offices.

I highly doubt a working vaccine for COVID-19 will be available anytime soon. Historically, vaccines take time to develop. Considering there is still a lot we do not understand about this particular virus, I see no reason to think a vaccine will appear anytime soon. We would be extremely fortunate if we have a vaccine before the year 2022.

I wonder, are we ready for that? I don’t think we are.

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