Jeremy Hambly’s YouTube update poses yet more questions


Jeremy Hambly posted a new video that was aimed at providing an update to his legal case against alleged attacker Matt Loter. It posed more questions than it did answers.

Jeremy Hambly hired a lawyer

Jeremy Hambly
Bill Richmond

Hambly said he retained the legal services of business attorney Bill Richmond. Who is Bill Richmond?

From Mr. Richmond’s LinkedIn page:

Bill represents companies and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries when they are involved in litigation regarding contract disputes, business fraud, large property loss, and catastrophic personal injury. Bill has experience in both state and federal courts regarding pleadings, motion practice, discovery, pre-trial and trial and he has represented both small and Fortune 500 companies in high-stakes litigation.

Mr. Richmond is based in Dallas Texas. Will Hambly file the lawsuit in Texas? I wouldn’t think so. I’d think he’d file the lawsuit in Indianapolis, Indiana, where the alleged assault took place. One might think Hambly would then want to hire a lawyer there who specializes in lawsuits like the one he wants to file. A local lawyer could exert pressure on the Indianapolis Police Department to take the alleged battery more serious.

Why would Hambly hire a lawyer in Texas who does not specialize in the type of case he wants to pursue? Because Mr. Richmond is also the attorney of conservative political commentator Steven Crowder.

The GoFundMe campaign

Hambly claimed in the video he paid Mr. Richmond a $5,000 retainer, half of his normal retainer. Why didn’t he pay the full retainer? His GoFundMe legal fund currently has over $29,000 in it. I don’t understand why Hambly is pinching pennies. If this money isn’t going to pay for a lawyer, what will it go to?

On Hambly’s GoFundMe page, he says he paid his lawyer a $10,000 retainer. Which is it, $5,000 or $10,000?

The GoFundMe page still says the attacker “will be arrested shortly.”

Jeremy Hambly
Text from Jeremy Hambly’s GoFundMe page.

I think it’s safe to say the man Hambly believes attacked him will not be arrested shortly.

Jeremy Hambly does not know who attacked him

It’s important to point out that Hambly doesn’t really know who attacked him. This is a tweet he made August 2, hours after the attack.

Jeremy Hambly

Publicly saying he “didn’t get a good look at him but others did” doesn’t sound at all like the basis of a successful civil suit. This is especially true considering there’s no physical evidence suggesting Matt Loter assaulted Jeremy Hambly. The case will depend solely on eyewitness testimony. Were any of the eyewitnesses sober? Hambly wasn’t. He has claimed to have consumed 19 drinks before the alleged attack took place.

Loter cannot even be forced into sitting for a deposition since he’s never been charged in the case. Loter has a right under the Consitution against self-incrimination. Anything he said in a deposition could then be used against him in a criminal case if one ever materializes. That’s why most civil lawsuits relating to a crime only happen after the criminal prosecution has concluded.

Jeremy Hambly believes Quinnipiac University fired Matt Loter

According to the update video, Hambly believes Quinnipiac University fired Loter from his part-time teaching gig. The reason? Because Loter’s name has been removed from the university’s website.

I sent a test email to and the message did not bounce. I then sent another email to and it bounced. What does this show? It shows Loter’s name may have been scrubbed from the website, but he still has an active email account at Quinnipiac University. It also shows I’ve done more research than the blogger at has done. This is the same blogger who’s two posts about this matter contain factual errors and she claims to have “broke” the story.

Her first post about this was published August 8, 2018. My first post about this was published on August 3, 2018.

Also from the update video:

If you’re sending your kids to this school (Quinnipiac University) they have been contacted by multiple people about one of their own professors being violent, unstable, having delusions and they didn’t even tell the campus police. So it’s pretty clear they’re not interested in keeping their students safe.

If Jeremy Hambly now has a lawyer, why are they allowing him to make a video saying this? Hambly knows the school has been contacted by multiple people complaining about Loter. Hambly urged his viewers to contact Quinnipiac University and ask them what they thought about keeping a violent criminal on staff.

Remember, Loter not been charged with a violent crime, let alone convicted of one. To say Quinnipiac University is “not interested in keeping students safe” is actionable by the school. It’s a statement presented as fact that anything but a fact. It’s slanderous.

Where is the evidence?

Although there’s zero evidence Loter assaulted Hambly, there’s a boatload of evidence Hambly libeled Loter. With each passing day, Hambly says more things on YouTube and Twitter about Loter, not as opinions, but as fact. For example, he says Loter is unstable and has delusions. How would Hambly know this?

From the legal dictionary at

Jeremy Hambly

If Jeremy Hambly’s actions towards Loter do not constitute libel, I don’t know what does. Loter should hire a lawyer of his own and file a lawsuit against Hambly for libel. Hambly would then have to prove the things he’s said about Loter were true. He cannot do that because he made most of it up. The reason Hambly believes Loter was the one who attacked him was that people on 4-chan said it.

Jeremy Hambly
Jesus telling it like it is, dropping truth bombs like a B-52 over Hanoi at midnight.

Like Jesus Christ said at the Sermon on the Mount, a good defense is a good offense. I don’t know if Loter is a follower of our Lord and Savior, but the man who died for everyone’s sins gave some good advice.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jeremy Hambly was trying to make his dumpster fire of a case burn with the intensity of a thousand suns.

Jeremy Hambly

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