‘Stealing Solo’ is now on eBay with a starting bid of $50

One of the backers of Stealing Solo: A Captain’s Parody has apparently decided to part ways with his copy of the book. He’s listed it on eBay with a starting bid of $50. From the description:

Stealing Solo Comicbook. Suprisingly [sic] mine did not get damaged in the first shipping. This is one of kind and 1st print of this book. Very comical rendition of The Worldclass Bullshitters.

He seems to think because his copy did not get damaged because of the way World-Class Bullshitter and suspected grifter Jeff Hicks chose to ship the books, his copy is somehow more collectible. That makes sense.

Here are the photos from the action:

'Stealing Solo' is now on eBay with a starting bid of $50 - Bent Corner
Front cover.
'Stealing Solo' is now on eBay with a starting bid of $50 - Bent Corner
Interior art.
'Stealing Solo' is now on eBay with a starting bid of $50 - Bent Corner
Back cover.

I don’t know if the backer realized he was doxxing himself by posting the back photo, but that’s what he did. Maybe he’s like me and really doesn’t care if people know where he lives. Life is a never-ending series of decisions and he decided to publish his address.

I respect his moxie.

The seller is charging $10 for USPS Media Mail shipping. Having some experience in selling comics on eBay, I can tell you that $10 is too much for mailing a single comic, especially for Media Mail. I normally box the comic and weigh it. I then include the box’s physical dimensions and weight. I then allow the buyer to select whatever shipping they would like. The buy only pays whatever that shipping method actually costs.

This seller is also offering free local pickup. Because he’s showing his full address in the photo, the buyer will know exactly where to go to pick up is one-of-a-kind comic.

Personally, I wouldn’t spend $60 of my wife’s hard-earned money on something like this. If I wanted to spend $60 on a comic, I’d head over to Amazon or In-Stock Trades. I’d look for a hardcover or deluxe collected edition to buy. I’m fancy like that.

Even if I did want to buy a copy of Stealing Solo on eBay, I think I’d wait for another auction. Not only is $50 with $10 shipping way too much for this book, but the seller of this particular auction also has a terrible feedback score. He has seven positive feedback ratings and two negative feedback ratings.

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