LA Kings forward Jarret Stoll arrested for drugs

LA Kings forward Jarret Stoll arrested for drugs

Los Angeles Kings forward Jarret Stoll was arrested at the MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas on suspicion of drug possession. The drugs in question, plural, were cocaine and Ecstasy. Stoll was able to post $5,000 in bond and was released.

Stoll and the Kings didn’t make the Stanley Cup playoffs this season, so I guess that means he has time to do cocaine like it’s 1982 and consume Ecstasy. I wouldn’t think coke and Ecstasy would go well together, but what do I know about elicit street drug use? Everything I know about drugs I got from watching episodes of Miami Vice and the original Law & Order.

Jarret Stoll has been with the Kings since 2008. He helped them win two Stanley Cup Championships and will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He’s also the longtime boyfriend of sportscaster Erin Andrews.

Jarret Stoll and Erin Andrews

Just because Stoll is a user of illegal drugs doesn’t necessarily mean that Erin Andrews is. For example, I’ve been known to drink boxed wine and Guinness, although not at the same time. My wife has never partaken of either adult beverage, at least not to my knowledge. I can’t remember the last time I saw her have an alcoholic beverage. Just because Stoll uses cocaine and Ecstasy, doesn’t mean Andrews does too.

Also, Andrews’ drug of choice is TruBiotics, something that helps you poop.

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