It turns out, Anita Sarkeesian was maybe right

Infamous video game critic and hyper-feminist Anita Sarkeesian has an image on her Twitter page that shows a necklace that says, TRUST NO MAN.

When I first saw the image, I thought she was just trying to be edgy. I thought it was an example of over-the-top hyperbole meant to invoke a reaction. I chose not to take the bait. It’s why I didn’t write about it until now.

With the news that Senator Al Franken acted inappropriately with a woman during a USO tour, I now look at Anita Sarkeesian’s necklace and have to think it’s pretty dead on. If you can’t trust Al Franken not to act like a dirtbag, what man can you trust?

You trust no man, that’s who.

You don’t realize who your heroes are until they do something terrible and you’re left with a heavy feeling of disgust. That’s what I feel when I see the photo of Al Franken pretending to grope Leeann Tweeden while she sleeps, disgust. It’s clear to me now from the way I feel, Al Frankin was kind of a hero of mine. I really liked him.

Not anymore.

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