Democrats move to impeach Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, 73, was on a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, 41. He asked for help in investigating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, 76. Trump hinted Ukrain would not receive financial aid unless the country investigated Biden and his son Hunter.

Hunter Biden, 49, was on the board of directors for a Ukrainian energy company when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Nancy Pelosi decides to unleash the dogs of presidential impeachment

Democrats move to impeach Donald Trump - Bent Corner
Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, 79, reacted to this newest development by declaring she wants to impeach Donald Trump.

It seems what Trump did was unethical. He asked a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political rival. I fail to see how that is anymore unethical than any of the other stunts pulled by Trump. Why pull the trigger on impeachment now? Pelosi has been more than happy to let every other instance of wrongdoing slide.

Donald Trump is unethical

Democrats move to impeach Donald Trump - Bent Corner
Donald Trump

Trump lies. He cheats. It’s who he is. Trump made a career of it. He lied to get out of military service during the Vietnam conflict. For his entire life, he has benefited from massive tax fraud. Trump cheated countless people and business by declaring bankruptcy instead of paying the money he owed them. At the same time, he brags about what a massive billionaire he is.

Like it or not, the American people decided to elect an unethical man as president. We knew Trump was a horrible human being going into the 2016 election. Knowing that we still voted him into office anyway.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for the other unethical candidate, Hillary Clinton, 71.

Democrats move to impeach Donald Trump - Bent Corner
Hillary Clinton

In conclusion

Considering that fact that we will be voting for president again a little more than a year from now, I fail to see the value in pursuing impeachment now. Once we go down the path of impeachment, Congress will not be able to get anything else done. It’s almost impossible to work with the White House on getting new legislation done when you work to impeach the president.

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