Ikea is really starting to annoy me

Sheri and I went to the Ikea in Woodbridge, Virginia on Saturday. I wanted to purchase three Vika Artur trestles. I want to replace the three two-drawer metal file cabinets currently being used to prop up the wall length table in the computer room.

Do most people today have a computer room?

Anyway, when I checked the Ikea website before leaving for the day, it stated that there were 11 in stock and ready for purchase. By the time we got down to Woodbridge, the trestles I wanted to buy were all gone.

Evidently they were already sold out.

No problem. I’m in no hurry. The before mentioned metal file cabinets are doing the job, I just want to replace them with these nifty trestles.  I’ll just order the trestles I want from Ikea and pay to have them delivered. In retrospect, having them delivered seems the best way to get anything from Ikea. The day we were in the Woodbridge Ikea, it must have been bring-your-screaming-brat day because I think Sheri and I were the only ones without a loud, bratty kid in tow.

I went to the Ikea website and added them to my cart.  When I tried to submit my order, it would not let me.  It stated, “Some article(s) are currently out of stock. Please revise your order“.  It also showed that the trestles in my cart were “not buyable”.   What it doesn’t do is give me the option of placing the trestles on backorder.

When I go back to the Ikea website and look at the trestles available for purchase, these Vika Artur trestles still show that they are available.  When I try to add them to my cart and then purchase them, it once again says they are not available and that they are not buyable.

It seems the only way I can find out when these are available from Ikea is to go to the website everyday and try checkout.  What an annoying waste of time.  If they are going to let things go out of stock, they ought to at least give customers the option of getting an email when things go back into stock.

Ikea doesn’t so that.

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3 thoughts on “Ikea is really starting to annoy me”

  1. Welcome to the world of IKEA! I too have been waiting a while for the Vika Artur trestle legs to come in with much frustration. Their computers cannot not be up-dated each day as the info. that is given to customers on the telephone is incorrect.

    Very frustrated and waiting for stock to come in. In order to get a true idea of what products are in store, you must speak to a live representative each time.

  2. $1488 worth of furniture + $144 shipping only to get the same thing – 2 items are out of stock.

    Since I can’t backorder or get some kind of notification, I assume they think I’m just going to order 7 of 10 items now. Then, later, I’m supposed to just hawk the rest of these things until they return to stock and then pay the apparently flat cost truck shipping again? I don’t think so. It’s a one-shot deal with their shipping costs set up the way they are.

    At very least, show the items that are out of stock up front so I don’t or can’t add them to the cart. Here I am at 12:30am trying to put a $1,600 order in only to find “quantity/product unavailable” on three items at the last second.

    I wonder how much money Ikea lights on fire every day because of their awful order system.

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