If you vote in person during a pandemic, you are stupid

If you vote in person during a pandemic, you are stupid - Bent Corner

The state of Wisconsin held an election yesterday and people stood in lines to vote. Some wore homemade masks, some did not. Some stood at least six feet away from other people, some did not. The one common thing everyone who voted yesterday had in common is that they were all very stupid. Who votes in person during a deadly pandemic? At least some people in Wisconsin do, that’s who.

Don’t get me wrong. It was completely irresponsible for elected leaders in Wisconsin to hold elections yesterday. That doesn’t excuse anyone who was dumb enough to congregate at the polls yesterday. People need to take personal responsibility for their own actions, especially during the pandemic. It’s become clear to me our elected leaders do not have our best interests in mind. It’s probably always been true, but it has become painfully obvious during this deadly pandemic.

People need to look out for their own self-interest

If you vote in person during a pandemic, you are stupid - Bent Corner
If you think a wet mask is going to save you from the COVID-19 virus, you are stupid,

Just because a judge ruled that voting was “essential” doesn’t mean you should risk your life and the lives of others to do it. The virus doesn’t care what is deemed essential and what isn’t. It will infect anyone it can.

Your best defense against the Coronavirus is time and space. You want to put at least six feet between you and other people. If you maintain the proper space between you and other people, you will have time to move if it appears they are not going to maintain distance between you and them. Wearing a mask is great, but it’s not as effective as maintaining time and space between you and other people.

I hope nobody that voted yesterday gets sick, but if they do, I hope they don’t go to the hospital to seek medical care. If they come down with the virus, they have only themselves to blame. Our limited resources for fighting the virus should not be wasted on people like them.


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