Thinking of attending DragonCon?

If you attend DragonCon, you are financially supporting an accused child molesterDragonCon is an annual fantasy/sci- fi convention held in Atlanta every September. It draws over 40,000 people every year. I’ve wanted to attend ever since I first heard about it.

That has now changed.

DragonCon was founded by a man named Ed Kramer. He currently lives under house arrest in Duluth, Georgia, accused of sexually molesting three boys. He was first arrested in 2000, but has been able to avoid trial because of his supposed health problems. problems so severe that he cannot assist his lawyer in his own defense. He may never stand trial.

What are Kramer’s health problems? Emphysema and narcolepsy. His spine is also supposedly degenerating.

Prosecutors claim Kramer is merely stalling.  They may have a point. I’m no legal expert, but I’m fairly confident defendants with emphysema and narcolepsy have been able to stand trial before and they will do so in the future. Why should Kramer be treated any differently?

Kramer founded DragonCon. He is listed as the con’s organizer on Wikipedia. DragonCon is not a non-profit organization like many other genre conventions. One might assume then that Kramer benefits financially from DragonCon. Though he sold much of his shares in DragonCon, he is still a minority shareholder of the popular and financially lucrative convention. This means that if you spend money attending DragonCon, you are lining the pocket of an accused child molester who is able to avoid justice because of supposed health problems.

Until Ed Kramer has nothing to do with DragonCon, or is acquitted of all charges in a court of law, I will never attend.

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