I voted against Donald Trump… again

I voted against Donald Trump... again - Bent Corner

Today is Election Day. It’s the day Americans go to the polls and choose their elected leaders. Except that’s not true. Not really. People have been voting for weeks now. I voted absentee. The state of Maryland mailed a ballot to me after I went to a website and requested one. I made my selections, signed it, and then dropped it off at an official mail-in ballot drop-off bin.

I voted absentee because of the coronavirus pandemic that’s still raging across the United States. Personally, I think it’s stupid to vote in person during a pandemic. Others disagree. People have been early voting here in Maryland since Oct. 26. I’ve driven past the early voting center here in Hagerstown. There have been long lines of people standing too close to one another, waiting to vote. I imagine today will be no different at the actual polls.

For President, I voted against Donald Trump. Technically I voted for Joe Biden, but what I did when I took pen to paper was to vote against Trump. He’s the worst president in my lifetime. Trump is worse than even Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter, second worse president in my lifetime.

Trump mishandled the coronavirus pandemic from day one. He continues to mishandle it daily—I hate how he turned wearing a face-covering in public into a political issue.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way

Under Trump’s piss-poor leadership, too many people believe you wear a face-covering to protect yourself from the coronavirus. That’s not true. You wear a face-covering to protect others from virus-laden droplets that expel from your mouth and nose when you exhale.

How can we be in month eleven of this pandemic, and people still don’t understand this basic concept?

Donald Trump is a coronavirus sympathizer

I voted against Donald Trump... again - Bent Corner

Even while this pandemic is raging on, Trump is working towards repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), not through Congress, but the Supreme Court.

If the ACA is repealed, it would mean 21 million Americans would immediately lose their health insurance during a deadly pandemic. What kind of leader would want this for his people?

Without the ACA, insurance companies can deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. It would mean insurance companies can deny coverage to anyone who survived COVID-19. Considering how COVID-19 affects the entire body, denial of coverage can get applied to almost anything.

Without the ACA, the out-of-pocket expense insurance companies make people pay can be limitless. For 2021, the most an insurance company can make a person pay out-of-pocket is $8,150. Once someone pays that amount, it’s illegal for insurance companies to make them pay for anything else.

Anyone who develops COVID-19 and requires hospitalization could quickly burn through their out-of-pocket maximum. Hospitals are expensive. Without the ACA, you could survive COVID-19 but face financial ruin.

You would have to act like a famous YouTuber and start a GoFundMe or go bankrupt. You probably would have to do both.

Having someone like Donald Trump as president is a depraved luxury we cannot afford during a deadly pandemic. We need someone in charge who will listen to medical experts, be willing to make tough choices, and be honest with the American people. We need someone in the White House who’s decision-making ability is a strength, not a weakness.

Will Joe Biden be that type of President? Likely not, but I believe he will be an upgrade to Donald Trump.

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