I have joined Croc nation

Some may say that I have given up on life. I say that I have purchased a pair of lightweight, breathable, durable, water-friendly, and easy to clean clogs. I just now bought a pair of Croc Classic Clogs on Amazon. Thank’s to the magic known as Amazon Prime, Amazon will deliver them to me on Wednesday.

my-crocsBecause I wear size 15, my choices were somewhat limited. I decided to go with Chocolate. Even if the entire Croc rainbow of colors were made available to my ginormous feet, I doubt I would have picked something too outlandish. I would think that when you are just starting out in Croc Nation, you should choose something more conventional in color. Volt Green is probably more of an advanced color more suited for an advanced Croc user.

I realized over the weekend that I do not have any summer footwear that I can wear in the rain. It rained so bad Saturday that water was standing and flowing everywhere. I was wearing a pair of hemp slip-on Sanuk slip-on hippie shoes, and they became soaked within minutes. I don’t think I will have this problem with my chocolate Crocs.

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