I am going to WordCamp DC 2017

WordCamp DC 2017

I just purchased my ticket to WordCamp DC 2017. Even though I have been a user of WordPress for over ten years, this will be my very first WordCamp.

WordCamp DC 2017 is taking place July 14-16 at the Carnegie Library of Washington, DC, seen in the above photo. I normally try to stay out of nearby Washington DC in July. It’s alien planet hot and extremely humid in out nation’s capitol in July. Then again, I will be inside an air-conditioned building, not walking around the National Mall like a tourist. It doesn’t matter what it’s like outside. I just hope nobody pulls the fire alarm like they sometimes do at local comic book conventions.

Something tells me WordCamps aren’t like comic book conventions.

I am an ominvore

I have good exceptions for the event. During the sign-up process, I was asked for my meal preference (ominvore) and my t-shirt size (2XL). That makes me think someone is going to feed me and clothe me. I normally like it when I am clothed and fed by strangers. Now that I think about it, considering this personal characteristic, it is a wonder I have not been recruited to join a cult. Am I not cult worthy?

Sometimes it is better not to know the answer to a question. This is one of those times.

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