Hunter Avallone to take an indefinite break from the Internet

Hunter Avallone to take indefinite break from the Internet - Bent Corner

Former right-wing and now left-wing YouTuber and Twitch streamer Hunter Avallone announced on YouTuber that he is taking an indefinite break from creating videos and all other forms of social media.

From YouTube:

I know some will be happy and others will be disappointed, but I am indefinitely stepping away from all social media. I’m not sure when I will be back, but my mental health has gotten to a place where I no longer want to produce content. Depression has taken over my life and I need to seek help, absent from social media.

There will still be YouTube uploads of my recent stream segments/debates but I will not be active on twitter, producing new content, or regularly streaming for an indefinite amount of time. Hopefully after I begin to recover I can return to regular streaming and content creation with a new attitude. I may still stream occasionally depending on my mood, but I cannot afford the pressure of constant content production with my current condition.

I may be back next week, or I may be back next year. I appreciate the support so many have shown me and I hope I can return sooner than later.

Thanks for understanding.

I find his reason for taking a break to be offensive. Hunter Avallone is one of those obnoxious Internet debate bros who tells the person he’s arguing with that they suffer from mental health problems even though they don’t. He does it to insult them. As someone who has grappled with anxiety and depression issues for years, I think using mental health as some kind of debate bro insult is revolting.

Here’s a clip from only two days ago where he does just that:

This person, because of her youth, level of physical fitness, and that she already had an asymptomatic case of COVID-19, doesn’t believe she needed to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Hunter Avallone responds by accusing her of having schizophrenia.

Hunter Avallone is an idiot. If someone has schizophrenia, they don’t need to see a therapist. They need to see an actual psychiatrist who specializes in schizophrenia, not a therapist. You cannot treat a serious mental health issue such as schizophrenia by talking to someone about it. You will need medication. A therapist cannot prescribe medication. Therapists are not medical doctors. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor.

To use mental health as a way of insulting someone in a debate, Hunter Avallone is stigmatizing people with mental health problems. People like me. He now wants to claim he too has mental health problems?

If Hunter Avallone was more skilled at presenting his views and was far less abrasive and combative, he might have changed the person’s mind on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine. We will never know because he decided to just say she had schizophrenia.

I have a problem with anyone who tries to insult someone by saying they have mental health issues, and then 24 hours later, claims to have mental health problems themselves. I find the whole thing to be disingenuous.


It turns out the indifinate break lasted all of eight (8) whole days.

His rapid recovery is… remarkable. It’s not like the grift is going to grift itself. 

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