43rd day on Humira and these are the results

43rd day on Humira and these are the results - Bent Corner

Something tells me nobody from Abbott Laboratories, the makers of the psoriasis drug Humira, will be approaching me to be their spokesmen. This photo shows what my hand looks like on the 43rd day of being on the Humira. I do not see any improvement.

I’m scheduled to take my final Humira shot this Sunday, June 21. After that, I have to be seen by my dermatologist before continuing with it. The problem is, she’s booked up till July 20. I would find it hard to believe she would continue having me take Humira. Even if she does, it would mean going at least a month between doses.

That’s probably not good.

Take my advice and don’t get a skin disease. Psoriasis is not a skin disease, it’s an autoimmune disease, but the medical community insists that dermatologists treat it. The problem is too many dermatologists dedicate a good portion of their practice to elective cosmetic procedures.

It means that if you have a legitimate health issue, and you need to be seen by your dermatologist, he or she may be too busy injecting botox into wrinkly foreheads to see you.

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  1. I found your blog tonight from a link from a Google Alert about Humira – this post caught my eye because I’m starting Humira soon too. I have it on my hands and feet – things are getting to a critical stage now – walking is almost impossible, and doing anything with my hands is a chore (most of my fingertips are still pretty clear, so typing isn’t too bad). My cane isn’t enough help on really bad days. Your psoriasis posts and photos mirror a lot of the problems I’ve encountered as well. I hope you can get in to see your dermie before July 20 – mine is only in the office on Wednesdays so timing is a problem here too! Maybe they can call you if they have a cancellation? I’ll keep an eye on your blog to watch your progress – I hope you can get some relief!

    1. Sandra,
      I can’t imagine how difficult having psoriasis on your feet must be. The more you walk, the more you are aggravating the area, causing even more psoriasis. I’ve read about the Koebner phenomenon. When you injure the area where there already is psoriasis, it causes even more or worse psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disease after all. I’ve noticed this happen to my hands. When the area becomes cracked and inflamed, my screwed up autoimmune system tries to respond by sending more skin cells to the area, making the whole thing worse. It’s a cycle.

      You mentioned that you use a cane. Have you noticed flare ups around where you hold the cane?

      1. Hi, Rick – any news about an earlier appointment than mid-July? I’d be disappointed if I wasn’t getting any improvement after 6 weeks, but I understand it can take 12 or more weeks to kick in. Beyond frustrating 🙁

        I haven’t noticed any extra problems on my hands that would relate to the cane. My psoriasis has been in active flare-up since the beginning of the year, with no breaks. It’s been particularly brutal in the last month – the inflammation is unbearable, and it’s spreading like crazy (still only on my hands and feet, tho). I had my first Humira shots this past Monday, and noticed within a few days that the inflammation had lessened by a small amount. Could be a fluke, could be my imagination – I’m not sure – time will tell.

        One thing I’ve found that helps, is an OTC product recommended by my dermatologist – Doak Oil Forte. I soak my hands and feet in it every day – it’s really good at soothing the throbbing and inflammation. I’ve also found that plain old Vaseline gives me relief at night – I swear I have lotions and potions and unguents in every room of the house!

        Best of luck to you and everyone else dealing with this loutish disease.

  2. From what I understand the drug is not taken everyday and in fact taken weekly or by weekly? That being the case I do believe you need about 3 months before you’ll see a result. These drugs work not by treating the disease, but by slowing the immune response – this takes time.,

  3. Rick,

    I just wanted to tell you that I have psoriasis over 70% of my body. Enbrel really cleared it up well, except I developed a respiratory infection, so I was switched to Humira. At that time, the psoriasis was only about 30% of my body. Humira not only put me back to where I started, it made it much worse. Clobex spray is my only relief right now, along with Sween Cream to soften my skin.

    I hope all goes well for you.


  4. I have taken my third Humira shot and besides feeling bad for two days following it with migraine and hungover feeling my hands look just like Rick’s. They have not been that awful for a year. It is difficult to do my job so I will go back to using the visco gel finger protectors that I bought to alleviate the pain. They work pretty well. Just hope they will be better soon because I don’t plan to take it more than two months if they are not.

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