How to fix MLB streaming on Windows 10

How to fix MLB streaming on Windows 10 - Bent Corner is the streaming service of Major League Baseball. It allows you to watch out of market games. There’s a special over this July 4th weekend. They’ve dropped the price to $20.17 for the 2017 season. It’s normally over $100.

If you ever find yourself paying full price for, you’re paying too much. There’s always some time of gimmick sale going on. The goal is to sign you up so that they can auto renew your account next season.

I tried to watch a game on my computer, but I got an error. It said that You have launched an event that is only accessible with Adobe Flash Player.

I thought HTML5 was going to replace Flash a long time ago. That’s evidently not the case.

It provided a link to follow for instructions on how to fix this problem if I was using Chrome. I tried the instructions provided and it didn’t fix the issue. I rebooted the PC. No joy. I even tried using Microsoft Edge, the browser that replaced Internet Explorer. Same thing. I even tried rebooting. That too didn’t fix the issue either.

I then clicked on the “i” icon next to the URL. That bought up the various settings for the browser. I scrolled down to Flash and changed it from Detect (default) to Always allow for this site. A message appeared under the address bar. It said, New site permissions settings will take effect after reloading the page. A reload button appeared next to the message. I clicked this button. It reloaded the page and I could then watch the game.

You should only have to do this once. Once you make this change, it will change the setting until you go in a change it, not that you would ever want to do that.


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