How to find any website’s IP address

I got a strange call at work yesterday. At least I thought it was strange. It was from a web developer asking for the IP address of our payment gateway. She had the URL, but her network administrator wanted the actual IP address. Our payment gateway requires a special port for all traffic. This is a port that’s not always open by ISPs. Not only does it have to be open, but it has to be open bidirectionally.

Evidently the network administrator didn’t like the idea of this port being open and wanted to restrict its access to only our payment gateway. For this, he needed the IP address.

I thought the call was strange because what kind of network administrator doesn’t know how to figure out a website’s IP address? It’s pretty simple. On a Windows machine, do the following:

1. Go to Start, Run, and type “cmd”.
2. type “ping” followed by the website you would like to know the IP address of.
3. Take note of the IP address displayed in the results.

As the above screenshot shows, the IP address of this blog is At least right now it is.

That’s how you find the IP address of a website. If it seems incredibly easy, that’s because it is.

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