Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Lionel boxcar

This year marks the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary. Lionel, a maker of O scale toy trains, releases a special boxcar to commemorate the occasion. It comes in dark blue and puke green and retails for $84.99.

I don’t know why Mattel, the maker of Hot Wheels, signed off on this. If a collector has an extra $84.99 to spend, don’t they want them to spend it on Mattel merchandise?

I would think so.

Mattel is pumping out a lot of Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary merchandise. Some of it has already found its way into my home. I like the official logo.

Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary - Bent Corner
Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary logo.

I’m sure a lot more of the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary merchandise will find its way into my home before the year is through. I won’t be buying any Lionel train cars, though. When it comes to Hot Wheels collectibles, I’d rather the collectibles be Hot Wheels. Plus, it doesn’t help that the boxcar comes in a shade of green that looks nauseating.

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