Hillary Clinton is down with the pneumonia

Hillary Clinton is down with the pneumonia - Bent Corner

Hillary Clinton made the news yesterday and not for reasons neither she nor her campaign would have preferred. While attending a memorial service at Ground Zero for the victims of the September 11 Islamist terror attacks of 2001, Hillary became overcome with “overheating” and had to leave the ceremony. Video posted on Twitter showed the presidential candidate falling as Secret Service agents helped her get into a black van.

Hillary Clinton is down with the pneumonia - Bent Corner
This a black van. This is not Hillary’s black van. Her van is much nicer than this one.
That’s not to say she just got into a stranger’s black van parked near the event. She stumbled into her own black van.

The heat was sweltering yesterday morning in New York City, reports indicating it was somewhere in the high seventies to low eighties.

Hillary and her crew then left the event and went to daughter Chelsea’s nearby apartment. A short time later, she was seen leaving the apartment, telling reporters and onlookers “I’m feeling great, it’s a beautiful day in New York.”

Hillary Clinton is down with the pneumonia - Bent CornerShe then grabbed and hugged a young female child, apparently in an attempt to sap the girl’s life force, similarly to what a creature with Lifelink does in Magic: The Gathering.

Then things got a little strange.

The Clinton campaign later issued a statement saying that two days prior on Friday, Hillary’s doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. If she had pneumonia, what was she doing out of bed? Why did her campaign first say she was overheated?

I’ve had pneumonia. It kicks your ass. It’s not something to be trifled with. Pneumonia can kill you. It kills a lot of people. Have you seen Rock Hudson on TV lately? No? That’s because he died. He died from pneumonia, caused by full-blown AIDS, but it was pneumonia that killed him. Thousands of people die from pneumonia every year. Hillary has pneumonia, and she’s walking around with it?

It’s also contagious.

I reluctantly voted for Hillary in the primary, but I’m not voting for her in November. I have a real problem with her on two fronts: her judgment and her truthfulness. She continuously makes poor choices. Whether it’s deciding to have her own private email server while Secretary of State or deciding to keep a busy schedule even though she has a serious health problem. She and her staff lied about the reason she had to leave the ceremony. It wasn’t overheating, it was pneumonia. As soon her doctor told her that she had pneumonia, why didn’t her campaign release a statement disclosing it?

There’s a reason people don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

I just wish there was someone else to vote for this November. I don’t want to vote for someone who thinks it’s a good idea maintain a busy schedule while down with the pneumonia. I don’t want to vote for someone who’s first instinct is to always lie.

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