Antietam Broadband customers to hold public meeting

Antietam Broadband customers are holding a public meeting to discuss the continuing problems with the company.

From WDMV:

Hagerstown residents have agreed to hold what is being called a, “More Cable Options for Hagerstown: Stop the Monopoly” meeting to discuss alternative cable company options. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., Wednesday, May 15, at the Washington County Library.

I’m assuming they mean the Hagerstown branch of the Washington County Free Library. I’m planning on attending if only to see if Antietam Broadband President Brian Lynch will be in attendance.

Antietam Cable president Brian Lynch

Lynch has blamed the inconsistent and shotty service of Antietam Broadband’s Internet service on a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. He has not said if anyone in the company has contacted law enforcement about the problem. That part interests me. It’s one thing to put out a message on Facebook falsely claiming the constant outages are because of a DDoS attack. It’s something else altogether to tell a federal law enforcement official that. One is not a crime, the other is a felony.

Just to be clear, lying on Facebook is not a crime.

Above all, I just want the problem fixed

I don’t really care what is causing the constant outages with Antietam Broadband. I just want it fixed. In particular, I just want reliable high-speed Internet service. That means I have to use Antietam Broadband. There’s a new high-speed Internet service, Hagerstown Fiber. The problem with them is they are not yet available in most areas. They’re available in the downtown area and a few other areas, but not where we live. As soon as they’re available to me, I’m switching. I need reliable high-speed Internet. Just as important, I need the ability to choose a high-speed Internet provider. I hate that I have only one option when it comes to an Internet provider. Usually, it’s never good for a consumer when they don’t have a choice.

The current situation with Antietam Broadband demonstrates that fact beautifully.

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  1. What ever became of this? We pay some of the highest prices for internet that is typically out or intermittent at best. I was just wondering if this meeting received any attention, or got any results. We need competition in Washington County, and the city.

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