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GoDaddy isn’t sure WordPress 4.7 is ‘safe and stable’ yet

When I realized I needed to move my blog’s hosting provider from Site5, I decided I would move it to GoDaddy. I wanted to try the Godaddy Managed WordPress product. I heard an interview on WP Tavern’s WordPress Weekly podcast with Gabriel Mays, head of WordPress products at GoDaddy. I had a bad opinion of GoDaddy, but Gabriel Mays sounded like a decent enough guy and if he was in charge of WordPress at GoDaddy, maybe things were better there.

It turned out that I was wrong. Not about Gabriel Mays, but with GoDaddy. It’s just as awful as I thought it was. In fact, it’s even worse.

Up until moving to GoDaddy, I’ve managed all aspects of the WordPress installation. Their GoDaddy Managed WordPress product is different in that they take care of all the management tasks. They take care of all updates to WordPress and they even do a daily backup. The backup feature was very attractive to me in that backing up a WordPress site with a lot of posts can be troublesome.

WordPress released version 4.7 last week. When I paid GoDaddy for a year of Managed WordPress hosting, I was under the assumption they would take care of updating WordPress automatically. I thought this because this is what it said on the GoDaddy website.

GoDaddy isn't sure WordPress 4.7 is 'safe and stable' yet - Bent Corner

As of writing this post, my blog is still running WordPress version 4.6.1.

Yesterday I decided to reach out to GoDaddy support via their chat tool. After a long wait, I was the 20th customer in queue, I was connected to a person named Jeffery.

I explained the issue multiple times. Jeffery first tried to talk me into adding Managed WordPress hosting my account so the updates would happen automatically. I explained I already had Managed WordPress, that is why I was contacting him. Once it sounded as though he understood why I was contacting GoDaddy support, he asked me to wait while he researched the problem. This is what he came back with:

Thanks for waiting Rick. I verified further and the changes made on your account are automatically done by our wordpress experts.

These new versions of wordpress are tested first on our hosting settings to make sure that they are safe and stable. Once the tests are completed – the changes will take effect automatically without your need to do anything

In most cases these changes are made in 24 hours once the tests on the hosting settings are completed.

So the reason my blog hasn’t been updated to the latest version of WordPress is that the GoDaddy WordPress experts haven’t decided yet if WordPress 4.7 is safe and stable.

This is so ridiculous. If my account wasn’t using the Managed WordPress product, I could take two minutes and do the update myself. Because I’m paying for the Managed WordPress product, I can’t upgrade my blog to the latest version of WordPress. I have to wait for their WordPress experts to do it.

I’m never paying for WordPress hosting by the year ever again. Hosting has always been the greatest weakness with WordPress. You never know when your hosting provider is going to cut corners and just not do what they’re supposed to do. Before Site5 was sold to EIG, I didn’t have any problems with them. Once EIG took over, they fired the Site5 support staff. I didn’t know this. I found out about it after I submitted a support ticket for another website I managed and it took them over a month to even look at it.

Even if I move my blog to another hosting provider and cancel my GoDaddy account, I’m out the money I paid for a full year of hosting.

I hate getting ripped off. I feel that’s what GoDaddy is doing.

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  1. Truthfully, 4.7 wrecked my install. I had to rollback. There have been problems with this release. I’m actually here because I’m trying to determine if it is safe to upgrade. GoDaddy might be right on this one.

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