Gimlet Media, stop hijacking my podcast feed

I subscribe to a few Gimlet Media podcasts. Reply All, Science Vs, and Startup are some of my favorite podcasts.

I was driving today and a new episode of Science Vs came on. Accept it wasn’t. Host Wendy Zukerman explained they were taking a break, but as a bonus, they wanted to share a new Gimlet podcast, The Nod.

Why is ‘The Nod’ on my iPhone?

The Nod “gleefully” explores the beautiful, complicated dimensions of Black life. Because I’m not black and have no interest in exploring the complicated dimensions of life, black, white, or any other color, I have no interested in listening to The Nod.

I subscribe to Science Vs because I enjoy the topic of science. I’ve heard all about The Nod on other Gimlet podcasts, but I chose not to subscribe to it. The narrow scope of the subject material doesn’t apply to me.

But there it was on my iPhone. The episode was all about “Purple Drink” the sugary fake grape juice that black people evidently just love to drink because they’re black.

‘The Nod’ is racist

It’s as if I’m supposed to believe that black people and white people are different with different taste buds or something. It sounded incredibly racist. It doesn’t matter who says it or what color their skin is. It sounded no different than saying black people love fried chicken and watermelon. When you make sweeping generalizations based on skin color, it’s racist.

Having the episode of The Nod on my iPhone without my consent just annoyed me. Gimlet created a podcast aimed specifically at approximately 12.4% of the population, yet they took it upon themselves to send it to everyone.

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