Stay away from Gevalia K-Cup packs (Update)

Update (19 July 2014): I wrote this almost a year ago. Sometime between then and now, Gevalia fixed the problem. I’ve now gone through four boxes, and not a single K-Cup has given me a problem. The K-Cups look the same, but they feel as though they are made with much more rigid plastic. Go forth and buy Gevalia K-Cups without any fear!

If you have a Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System and are looking for new K-Cup packs to try, stay away from K-Cup packs from Gevalia. They’re made different and often result in a mess instead of making a fresh cup of coffee.

Unlike every other K-Cup pack brand, the ones from Gevalia are made from a real flimsy plastic. They even look different. Instead of having a smooth surface, they have a ripple pattern. I’m guessing this gives them more stability, making up for the thin, cheap plastic. The problem is, the ripple pattern isn’t good enough. When you put the K-Cup pack into your machine and close it, it often doesn’t puncture the bottom so the coffee can come out. Instead of putting a small hole in the bottom, too often, it merely creates a small dent.

Without a hole, the coffee has nowhere to go. Hot water is injected into the top of the K-Cup pack, but it quickly stalls as the water backs up.

The whole thing is incredibly annoying.

To make up for the problem, I started pushing down on the K-Cup pack when I placed it into the maker, forcing the spike at the bottom to puncture it. Even then, it wouldn’t put a hole in the bottom. I would push down, and if I didn’t detect a puncture, I would take the K-Cup pack out and put a small hole in it where the dent was. I would then place the K-Cup pack back in the maker, aligning it so that the spike goes into the hole.

What a pain.

I have to figure out the people who make the Gevalia K-Cup packs know about this problem and fix it eventually. Until that happens, please stay away from them. I’m not buying them again until I see something on the packaging about a new, improved design. That’s too bad because Gevalia makes a decent cup of Joe.

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  1. I totally agree. DO NOT USE GEVALIA K-CUPS! I have tried several different boxes and had the same issues

    The plastic is not the real problem. I pierced the bottom of the k-cup multiple times to allow more flow… It did not help. I kept getting lots of grounds in the cup and/or it does not complete the brew cycle. either the inner filter is too fine to allow the coffee to go through it and it breaks or pushes the water and grounds back up through the top, or the coffee is too fine and clogs the inner filter with the same result. Either way, these are a waste of money and could possibly damage your brewer.

    I tried to email the customer service by filling out the form on their website 3 days ago and got a “robo-reply” that they would respond within 1-2 business days… but that did not happen. I liked the flavor of the coffee on the few that worked properly.

    1. I still think it’s the plastic. It’s much thinner and lighter than the regular k-cups. Punching more holes into it will only make the coffee weak and grounds getting into the cup. The machine is designed to only have one hold in which the coffee comes out. Any more then one hole and you have a diluted cup of coffee. The water doesn’t stay in the k-cup long enough.

  2. I agree there is something not quite right with the Gevalia cups. I bought the decaf Signature Blend. When making a cup of coffee it brews really slow and when it all done you not only get the coffee but all the coffee ground too.

    Was looking on there website but can’t spot where to actually contact customer service.

    Just to confirm it was a fluke I purchased a second box and had the same issue…very disappointing.

  3. Hmmm, that’s strange. We’ve gone thru 6 boxes of Gevalia K cups since August 2013; 3 Bold Roast and 3 Signature Blend. We purchased 4 directly from Gevalia, and 2 (1 of each- slightly smaller cup count, can’t recall the exact size) from Walmart. Not an issue with a single cup from any box. Perfect coffee each time. Just bought 2 boxes for my Sister-in-law who just got a Keurig for her birthday. I hope hers are trouble free too!

  4. My husband purchased the Gevalia K-Cups at Kroger on Feb. 14, 2014. We were quite excited since we love our Keurig Brewer and also like Gevalia coffees. We have brewed 4 of the K-Cups and have had no brewing problems.

  5. I have brewed 100’s maybe 1000’s of their k-cups and never had a problem !!
    But today I see it has been pulled from the shelves at my Walmart and my local publix supermarket. What gives ???

  6. Cathy George (@Cathybee52)

    I have never had any trouble with the ones I have bought…maybe they have changed their cups since you used them…I started using in March 2014 and love the taste of their coffee.

  7. I really like the Dark Royal Roast, it is one of the smoothest cups of coffee I’ve had. But I must say that but every single cup has grounds, and lost if them in the cup. Nothing worse than a mouth full of grounds. I only have a few left and will not buy again. I now strain the coffee thru a K cup strainer for regular coffee before I drink it.

  8. My comment was posted before I was finished. I bought 3 boxes of the Dark Royal Roast because it was on sale and I had coupons for $1 off each box. As I said, every cup has grounds. I should probably post a video of making a cup of coffee. I have used several other cups, I currently also have 8 O’clock Dark Roast and Donut Shop DR and not a single ground from any of them. Too bad, I like the Gevalia DRR the best.

  9. My problem with them is that two times in a row now, I’ve opened the box (Cappuccino) to see that at least one of the K-Cups is missing. There’s supposed to be one froth packet and a K-Cup per serving.

    I LOVE their cappuccino, but this is ridiculous because they are very expensive. (You only get 6 or 9 servings in a box for the same price as other coffee brands with double that amount. Well, even less than 6 or 9 now that some are missing).

    Either I’m going to have to stop purchasing these, or open the box after it goes through the register. :/

    Not happy because I really do l-o-v-e their cappuccino.

  10. I have been purchasing the Gevalia Signature K-Cups for about 6 months now. The problem is there is a problem with the seal around the top. It bursts out the side and creates a nice mess in your Keurig and in your coffee cup. I drink 2 cups in the morning and I am now up to about 28 exploding k-cups. I called Keurig to check to make sure my machine (2.0) wasn’t the problem. I guess they have been getting calls of this sort for awhile. I think I am just going to give up that the problem is not solved and switch brands.

    1. We are also having a problem with the seal around the top blowing out. We’re up to 6 “exploding” cups now and I can’t seem to find time to contact customer service during their normal business hours. I suspect it’s an adhesive problem with an entire batch. We’ve got at least 4 boxes of the same lot number and I’m reluctant to try any more. I would like to get our four boxes replaced with a different batch.

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