Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop

Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop

My wife noticed a weird charge appearing on our Capital One credit card statement. It was for five dollars and it was identified as:


I had no idea what that means. I disputed the charge with Capital One.

I then received a letter from Capital One dated April 19. They informed me that I’ve been changed not five dollars, but ten dollars in total. It’s a recurring charge that happens every month. In the letter, Capital One strongly urged me to contact the merchant and cancel the recurring charge.

They want me to contact the behemoth known as Google and ask them to stop charging me five dollars a month. Got it.

I did some research. It turns out that GOOGLE *SVCSAPPS is Google-speak for G Suite by Google Cloud. I don’t really know what that is, but evidently, I signed up for it for my web developer business website a few months ago. I have no memory of doing this. Absolutely none.

I tried to log in to the G Suite account but didn’t have any luck. I typed in the domain of my web developer business website and pressed the giant blue “GO” button.

This is the response I got:

It won’t let me log in using my regular Google account. I tried logging out of my regular Google account and tried again. It then showed my regular Google account and asked me to log in. Once I did, it then showed me the above message just like it did before.

I don’t know what to do at this point. If Capital One cannot remove this recurring monthly five dollar charge Google is applying to my account, I guess I’ll have to report the card as lost and/or stolen and get a new card. I don’t know what else to do. I truly don’t remember signing up for Google’s G Suite. It’s not something I think my web developer business would ever need. I only have one employee and it’s me.

Then again, do I really want to risk pissing off Google? Maybe I should just let them charge me five bucks a month for something I don’t use and have no memory of ever requesting. I do not want to get on Google’s bad side. Google helps me make money with my web developer business.

I like how PayPal handles recurring billing. At any time, you can go into your PayPal account and not only see any recurring payments you have set up, but you can also cancel them. It’s a much more efficient way of doing things. It’s only one more reason PayPal will be the only processor when our robot and artificial intelligence overlords take over.

Let the record show that I am very pro-robot and pro-AI. When it comes to intelligence, artificial is the only way to go. I’ve always said that. I hope our future technological overlords remember that.

What am I saying? Of course, they’ll remember. They’re artificial intelligence, not forgetful biologic intelligence.

8 thoughts on “Google is charging monthly for G Suite and I want it to stop”

  1. Hi Rick. I feel your pain. I did find live people at the contact / phone number for Gsuites, however, who were very helpful. It wasn’t in regard to a charge though … I was helping someone purchase the $5 monthly service. It was worth it to move them away from their previous wretched provider.

    Hope you’re well. Would like to chat about work.

    1. I think I have it figured out. It wouldn’t let me log in with any of my normal Google logins so that’s why I disputed it. Now that Capital One is blocking Google, they want me to update my payment method. It includes the email address tied to my G Suite account which I’m getting sent to my main Gmail account because I have it set with an auto forward tool.

      If I had spent ten more minutes playing detective, I would have figured it out.

      Any time you want to talk about work, let me know!

  2. Hi Rick
    I unfortunately have a similar problem, I was looking into the trial and found out that it was not applicable in my country.
    I spoke to someone in July who said if I didn’t get confirmation, my card would not be charged.
    My card has been charged ever since and I am unable to reach someone that could help.

    Can you share any number that I can reach someone directly to resolve this please

  3. Is there no way to get a phone number to talk to a person about cancelling g suite when you can’t get into an account because you don’t know what account you’re being charged for?

    1. Unfortunately no. Google’s not big on the concept of talking, emailing, or chatting to real human beings. Sadly, we all decided a long time ago to accept terrible customer service and this is just an extension of that. Instead of terrible customer service, we now deal with no customer service.

  4. I too was received a charge for a G-Suite account that I wasn’t aware of having. Never used any Google based business for anything. I have no idea how I would have ever authorized this charge. I simply called my bank and had them send me a new debit card linked to my account with a different number so that Google couldn’t continue to charge my account.

  5. mary jane konstantopoulos

    My solution is .. since I can’t get the charge to stop is open a new checking account, more everything there and then cancel the other card.

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