Funimation fires Vic Mignogna for sexual harassment

Animegate is even dumber than all the other 'gate' movements - Bent Corner

First came Gamergate. Then came Comicsgate. Now there’s Animegate. What exactly is Animegate? It sprung up when sexual harassment allegations surfaced against voice actor Vic Mignogna. He’s known for his English voice-over work of Japanese anime shows that were dubbed for English-speaking viewers.

People who are pro-Animegate contend there’s no evidence Mignogna sexually harassed anyone. They created the #istandwithvic Twitter hashtag.

Vic Mignogna posed for pictures with a 14-year-old-girl

These photos are from Anime News Network, and they feature Mignogna posing with a 14-year-old girl at a 2014 convention:


Funimation fires Vic Mignogna for sexual harassment - Bent Corner
Notice the right hand under the girl’s jacket.

Funimation fires Vic Mignogna for sexual harassment - Bent Corner

Funimation fires Vic Mignogna for sexual harassment - Bent Corner

Funimation conducted an internal investigation concerning Mignogna’s behavior and announced they would no longer work with the voice actor. Rooster Teeth did the same. How could they not? All they had to do is look at the three above photos posted by Anime News Network. Why would any company want to work with Mignogna? Generally, reputable businesses don’t want to work with middleaged men who press their bodies against 14-year-old girls.

Pictures don’t lie. Unless they’re doctored. I don’t get the impression these pictures are doctored.

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    1. If you’re going to hurl hateful anonymous insults, tell people to kill themselves, you need to get a VPN. Not only do I have your I.P. address, I know your geographical location. That means I can now contact the Las Cruces Police Department and report you. How do you like that, snowflake?

  1. You should do a little more research before you write an article. The above pictures were used without permission and the woman in them came out defending Vic.

    1. No thanks. I’d rather not do research on someone who does things to a 14-year-old girl as the photo shows. I blogged about the photos Anime News Network published along with the internal investigation done by Funimation. If you don’t like it, take it up with them.

  2. Dear yángguǐzi

    You would rather research before participating in criminal calumny? Oops. You just did: too late for you.

    The girl in photos support Vic. However your article also is calumnious against the girl because it misrepresenting her. Typical yángguǐzi. Not thinking ahead far enough.

    Asians soon to overwhelm your corrupt societies; and all white devils like you will be low class after centuries of oppression of others. Enjoy your complaining. That all you can do now.


    1. It doesn’t matter if the girl in the photos supports Vic or not. She was only 14. Here in the land of yángguǐzi/white devils, that’s under the age of consent.

      Consent doesn’t work retroactively. An adult cannot now give consent for something that happened to them when they were a child. Case in point, Roman Polanski’s rape victim.

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