Fujicolor to close Maryland facility

Fujicolor to close Maryland facility

Fujicolor Processing announced they are closing their Williamsport, Maryland plant on March 12. The Williamsport facility processes film for Walmart, Sam’s Club, and other retail stores in the Northeast. The facility currently has around 125 employees who will now be out a job.

I used to work at the Williamsport facility. It’s the reason I am living here in Maryland. I was hired as a repair technician shortly after leaving the Air Force. I didn’t know anything about photofinishing equipment. Walmart was looking for ex-military people with an electronics background. When operators had a problem with their photofinishing equipment, they would call for a service tech. One of us would show up with our tools and try to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

It could get very hectic at times. It was very much a high-production environment. It wasn’t the most fabulous job I ever had, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. The photofinishing equipment broke down frequently. Most of the problems were mechanical. Very rarely did a piece of photofinishing equipment have something wrong with it that had to do with its electronics.

It wasn’t all bad. That’s where I met my wife, Sheri. She operated a machine called a splicer that always broke down. I found myself looking forward to when her splicer acting up. She would sit and talk to me while I worked on it. Once I got it working again, I would hang around to make sure it was working. That, of course, was just an excuse to talk to her.

You would not believe how perverted people can be. Seeing many of the pictures developed from the film people turned into their local Walmart or Sam’s Club for 2-day processing gave me a clear understanding of just how nasty some people can be. Take it from me. If a guy is going to take photos of himself with a long-stemmed rose inserted in this rectum, chances are he’s not going to go for the one-hour film processing. He’s going to drop his order in the box and come back in two days.

I guess I’m not surprised the facility is being shut down. Who uses film cameras?

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