First trip to Target since we were told to stay home

First trip to Target since we were told to stay home - Bent CornerWe went to Target yesterday. I had not been there since severe measures were taken to combat the coronavirus. I read how Target made changes to make shopping safer. For the shopper and for the employees.

I was not impressed.

Target needs to do better

Over half the people walking around Target were not properly wearing their mandatory masks. They seemed to think it’s okay to wear the mask with their nose completely exposed. Nobody at Target seemed to be going around and telling these customers to cover their nose. I even saw Target employees walking around that way.

Nobody was following social distancing. If I saw someone walking my way, I tried to move out of the way. People were walking down the aisle when there was already a customer in the aisle shopping. They’d either walk right past they other person getting within inches of them or they’d stand right next to them like it was 2018.

When I heard people could shop at stores and practice social distancing, I was skeptical. What I saw yesterday only confirmed my earlier suspicions. I cannot even imagine how Walmart is. The older Walmart in Hagerstown on a good day is like the cantina in the first Star Wars movie. The one where Obi-Wan Kenobi cut someone’s arm off because he didn’t laugh at his racist joke.

First trip to Target since we were told to stay home - Bent Corner
Is this the Hagerstown Walmart or the cantina at Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine? I cannot decide.

In social distancing I trust

What bothered me the most at Target was not that people weren’t wearing masks correctly. It was a lack of good social distancing. I firmly believe it’s social distancing that will save us from the coronavirus apocalypse, not masks made from bandanas and rubber bands. You might think it would be easy for people to practice good social distancing. Most people already do it whether they know it or not. Most people don’t like it when someone gets too close to them. They don’t like to have their personal space intruded upon. What exactly is someone’s personal space? Two feet?

Until they develop a working vaccine that will protect people from the horrors of COVID-19, social distancing is our only hope. The problem with everyone wearing masks, some improperly, is that it gives people a false sense of protection. They don’t think they have to stay at least 6 feet away from others. They believe their homemade mask will protect them.

I saw a lot of that going on at Target yesterday.

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