Thousands protest against family separations

Yesterday thousands of protestors marched against family separations. Specifically, when people try to sneak across the southern border to illegally immigrate and they have brought children with them. Authorities arrest the parent or parents, and they detain the children in special children-only detention centers.

A lot of people have a problem with that.

I’m having a hard time understanding the outrage some are expressing over this new policy. It may be a new policy, but it’s a policy of enforcing old law. Before, the authorities turned people away who were attempting to cross the border illegally. They called it “catch and release.” Authorities didn’t arrest anyone. They simply turned them away, allowing the would-be illegal immigrants to try to sneak across the border again and again. Technically, this didn’t follow the law. It was cheaper and easier to turn these lawbreakers away then it would have been to subject them to our laws.

ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Some people want to abolish it.

If you have a problem with parents getting arrested and their children being detained separately, blame the parents. They’re the ones who made a conscious decision to break our laws and try to sneak into the country. We’ve tried to discourage people from coming here illegally, yet they still come.

People aren’t protesting all family separations

Not all family separations are worthy of protest. If a parent were to go to Target or Walmart today with their children and shoplift, if and when the police are notified, the parent would be arrested and they would be separated from their children. People aren’t allowed to bring their children to jail with them. Where’s the public outcry against that kind of family separation?

Make no mistake about it, people only virtue signal against one specific type of family separation, the kind non-American illegal immigrants face when they’re arrested. Some people care more about non-Americans than they care about Americans.

All countries have immigration laws

If there’s a better way of dealing with illegal immigration, I’d love to hear about it. Are there countries that have a better system of dealing with illegal immigration? If so, what countries and what is their system? I’m a firm believer in not re-inventing the wheel. If there’s a better way of stopping people from coming here illegally, I say we do that and not what we’re currently doing.

One thing we could do is build a giant wall across the southern border so people couldn’t even try to sneak in. I wonder has anyone thought of building a wall?


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