Ethan Van Sciver draws Rose Tico as Slave Leia

The great Ethan Van Sciver did a live chat last night on YouTube where he drew Rose Tico as Slave Leia.

I haven’t watched the video yet. I have a feeling it will only make me sad. Sad because I can only imagine how much the finished sketch will go for on eBay. Sad because it will unquestionably be far outside my price range.

I imagine the only people who could afford to buy an original Rose Tico sketch done by national treasure Ethan Van Sciver are the same people who drive Teslas and shop for groceries at Whole Foods. The type of people who always vote Republican. In other words, people not like me, people more like Thurston Howell III.

Thurston Howell III

Rich people. Not people named Rich, but people who have lots of disposable income. I’m so broke, I couldn’t even afford Free Comic Book Day this year.

Like most people, I’m a huge Ethan Van Sciver fan. Unlike most people, I’m also a huge Rose Tico fan. One of my dreams is to own a Rose Tico sketch done by Ethan Van Sciver. Not necessarily as Slave Leia, but Rose Tico being Rose Tico doing something Rose Tico would naturally do.

Rose Tico

I have a hard time believing Rose Tico would ever get captured by Jabba The Hutt and turned into a slave. That seems highly implausible. A more likely scenario would be Rose Tico turning Jabba The Hutt into her slave, not that she is pro-slavery or anything. If Jabba the Hutt became Rose Tico’s slave, it would be by his choice.

Back to the sketch I would one day like to own. I’d also like an accompanying photo of Ethan Van Sciver doing the sketch wearing his armored elbow pads. Uncle Ethan draws so hard, he has to armor up.

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