ESPN (fake) suspends Dan Le Batard

ESPN has suspended radio host and TV personality Dan Le Batard two whole days for placing a message directed at LeBron James on an Akron, Ohio billboard. The ad suggests that James owes the city of Miami gratitude for going there and winning two championships.

Le Batard is a Miami native and occasionally writes columns for the Miami Herald. Evidently Le Batard is upset that James never “thanked” Miami Heat fans.

This is the billboard that earned Le Batard an extra long weekend:

The message communicated on the billboard is almost as absurd as the fake two-day suspension. As if James needs to thank the city of Miami or anyone else for going to the Heat and winning two championships. The Miami Heat went to the NBA Finals the four years when James was with them. If James wasn’t there, they wouldn’t have gone to the NBA Finals, let alone win two championships. Just watch how deep into the post-season this year the Heat go without James. My guess is that it won’t be too far.

How designed this ugly billboard? Is that Comic Sans font at the top?

ESPN shouldn’t have been surprised or caught off guard by Le Batard erecting this stupid billboard. Le Batard tried to place an ad in an Ohio newspaper, any Ohio newspaper, that basically said the same thing, but he couldn’t find a newspaper willing to sell him the ad space. Didn’t ESPN know this? Among other things, ESPN is supposedly a news organization. How can they not know that one of their paid personalities wanted to troll LeBron James? Maybe they should create Google Alerts for all their paid personalities.

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