Ed Reed enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame

Ed Reed enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night. He made it into the Hall of Fame on the very first ballot.

Living near Baltimore, I’ve watched a lot of Ravens games. Ed Reed was the greatest safety I’ve ever watched play. Was he the greatest to ever play the game? That’s for people with bigger brains than me to decide. I’ve watched him win quite a few games for the Ravens. An opposing team would be down by a few points with less than five minutes to play. They would start marching down the field seemingly with ease. Right when the game looked like it was about to end with a Ravens loss, Reed would intercept the ball and kill any chance the other team had at pulling off a win. It’s what he did. Opposing teams knew it was what he did. That said, they allowed it to happen.

Ed Reed by the numbers

Reed played 12 years in the NFL. He played his first 11 years with the Ravens and then finished his career with both the Jets and the Texans. Reed played in 174 games. He made 643 tackles, 531 of them solo tackles. He made 64 interceptions for 1,590 yards. He scored nine touchdowns. Reed made the Pro Bowl nine times and was named NFL Defensive Player of the year in 2004. He won a Super Bowl ring in 2013.

Ed Reed enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame
Pro Football Hall of Fame member Ed Reed.

If Ed Reed did was not voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible, I’m pretty sure the United States Attorney General would have ordered Robert Muller to conduct an investigation. Thankfully, it was not necessary.

In my humble opinion, Ed Reed and offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden are the Baltimore Ravens’ best two players of all time. Linebacker Ray Lewis doesn’t rise to that distinction because he is annoying and he helped kill two people. Just because he got away with it doesn’t negate that fact. Those people he helped murder are still dead.

Ed Reed enshrined in Pro Football Hall of Fame
Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is the reason I can never be a Ravens fan. To be a Ravens fan, you must worship at the feet of Lewis. I don’t worship murderers. My only exception would be if someone went back in time and murdered Baby Hitler. I would worship the man or woman who did that.

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