DragonCon founder Ed Kramer pleads guilty to child molestation, gets house arrest

DragonCon founder Ed Kramer’s child molestation trial was supposed to begin yesterday, instead, he reached a deal with the prosecutor that will allow him to avoid prison. Kramer plead guilty to three of the six counts he was charged with and will serve five years under house arrest. He also has to pay financial restitution to his victims, as if anyone can put a price on child rape.

It’s hard to understand why District Attorney Danny Porter would agree to a deal that results in only house arrest for a monster like Kramer. Porter did say that the deal saved the county and the state of Georgia tremendous expenditures. Kramer supposedly has numerous health problems that would require treatment and care in prison. That’s an awful reason not to put a child rapist in prison, because his medical expenses would be too expensive.

My guess is now that Kramer has successfully avoided prison, his health problems will quickly get better.

On a sidenote, remember in July when the organizers of DragonCon announced that they had finally cut ties with Kramer? Yeah, about that. According to Deadline Hollywood, Kramer was still receiving income last week as a 31% minority owner of DragonCon. What that means, among other things, is that if you went to DragonCon this past Labor Day weekend, you put money into the pockets of a now convicted child molester.

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