If you attended DragonCon, you financially supported an accused child molester

DragonCon, the popular annual science fiction and fantasy convention, was held last weekend in Atlanta. I first wrote about the convention and its founder, last year.

By all accounts, this year’s event was a raging success. How many of the thousands in attendance knew they were financially supporting an accused child molester, a man who has spent the last 12 years avoiding justice?

I’m guessing not many.

DragonCon was founded by a man named Ed Kramer. He was first arrested back in 2000, charged with sexually molesting three boys. He’s been able to avoid trial by using and abusing the legal system, claiming all sorts of health problems that supposedly preclude him from assisting lawyers in his own defense.

These supposed health problems also keep him out of jail awaiting trial.

I know you can be too sick to go to work, but who knew you could also be too sick to go to jail?

Atlanta Magazine has a new article about Kramer and his legal shenanigans. It also points out that Kramer is still making money from DragonCon. From the article, written by Scott Henry:

According to court documents, between 2004 and 2006, Henry tried to buy Kramer out—eventually offering as much as $500,000—but Kramer refused to sell without seeing a balance sheet. So Henry simply withheld Kramer’s dividend until he threatened legal action.

“It’s a classic squeeze-out,” says attorney McNeill Stokes, who represents Kramer against DragonCon. Stokes says his client eventually received dividends for 2009 and 2010—although he won’t say how much Kramer received for those or previous years—but was forced to file the second suit last year in an effort to collect his 2011 dividend of $154,000.

So it would seem from the article, if you went to DragonCon last year, you helped put $154,000 in Kramer’s pocket. The people who run DragonCon like to pretend Kramer has nothing to do with DragonCon. That’s simply not correct. He makes money from the event every year because he still legally owns a large percentage of DragonCon.

DragonCon is a for-profit event run by DragonCon/ACE Inc. for the purposes of making money. One of the people getting that money is Ed Kramer.

I said it last year and I’ll say it again: until Edward Kramer has nothing to do with DragonCon, or is acquitted of all charges in a court of law, I will never attend DragonCon.

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