DragonCon finally cuts ties with accused child predator Ed Kramer

Remember when organizers of DragonCon, the popular science fiction and fantasy convention held every Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, said that they couldn’t sever ties with accused sexual molester of young boys Edward Kramer? Yeah, about that…

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Five of six founding members of the company said in a statement Monday that they’d merged the old company, DragonCon/ACE, into a new one, Dragon Con, Inc. — giving Kramer cash for his shares.

Kramer is facing child-molestation charges in Gwinnett County. He was extradited from Connecticut where he faced similar charges.

Though Kramer was no longer responsible for running the convention, he continued to earn dividends from its proceeds due to his 34 percent ownership.

According to a statement by the new company, “Edward Kramer, who has not had any role in managing or organizing the convention since 2000, was offered cash for his shares in the old company. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.”

So for the record, they were able to somehow create a new company to run the convention and keep Kramer out of it. If only this remedy had been thought of earlier. Oh, that’s right, it was.

This is what they said earlier this year on Facebook:

The idea proposed of dissolving the company and reincorporating has been thoroughly investigated and is not possible at this point. Legally, we can’t just take away his shares. We are unfortunately limited in our options and responses as we remain in active litigation.

So there you go, what was once impossible is now possible. Good for DragonCon and good for the people who enjoy attending, but don’t want their money going to a sexual deviant who uses the money to avoid justice.

Now that organizers of DragonCon have removed Kramer from their coffers, maybe now they can focus on coming up with a good way of apologizing to author Nancy A. Collins, the organizer of the DragonCon boycott.

She was right, they were wrong. The organizers of DragonCon owe her an apology, and the rest of us owe her our thanks.

Update: Now that DragonCon has finally done the right thing, Nancy A. Collins has called off the boycott.

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