I don’t like Meteorologists

One of the things that I hate about meteorologists is that when they do share information that it actually relevant and not just made up, it makes no sense.

It rained last night in the Hagerstown area. Looking out the window, there appears to be ice everywhere. Needing more information, I checked out the WHAG weather Twitter feed. WHAG is the local NBC affiliate here in Hagerstown. What I saw was the above image showing a large area of pink and violet, with a bit of creamy tan thrown in.

What do all these colors mean?

Hagerstown is in the pink area. What does this mean in relationship to the weather? All I want to know if the current weather conditions are going to impose problems on my morning drive to work through the streets of Hagerstown. Instead, what I get is a map that shows Hagerstown is in a large area of pink.

isolated-breast-cancer-ribbonDoes this mean we’re more dedicated to the fight against breast cancer than the people living in Chambersburg or Bedford?

If you’re going to color-code a map, you really should show what the colors mean. Have a little chart to the side that shows what colors mean what. They should teach this in meteorologist school, instead of spending so much time training how to make crack pipes out of everyday household items, or how to lie about the weather and remain employed.

Meteorologists stink and I don’t like them.

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