Donald Sterling’s constitutional rights have been blatantly invaded

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has vowed to fight the NBA’s lifetime ban and any future action that would force him to sell the team. He also disavowed an agreement he reached with his estranged wife to negotiate a sale for the team.

Max Blecher, Sterling’s lawyer, told ESPN the following:

I believe what they’ve done is illegal and it will not hold up in court. I believe what they’re doing is a blatant invasion of his constitutional rights because they’re using a tape recording that he did not consent to, and under California law, that recording cannot be used for any purpose, for any proceeding.

So if the basis of their case is illegal evidence, they don’t have much of a case. …The whole thing is a pile of garbage.

Poor, poor Donald Sterling. He’s such a victim.

It’s hard to believe that the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s most sacred legal document, was penned and ratified so that a piece of excrement like Donald Sterling could own a team in the NBA. Then again, the 39 men who signed the Constitution probably agreed with everything Sterling thinks about people who aren’t white.

Many of the founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, owned slaves.

The difference, of course, is that the founding fathers owned other people because of the color of their skin in the 18th century, while Donald Sterling lives in the 21st century.

At least he’s supposed to.

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