Don Mattingly implies Yasiel Puig fakes injuries when he strikes out

After the Los Angeles Dodgers’ win over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia, Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly seemed to imply that outfielder Yasiel Puig is a big fat faker who fakes an injury every time he strikes out. Puig seemed to hurt himself in his final swing of the bat. When asked by reporters about Puig’s last at bat in a 7-5 win over the Diamondbacks, Mattingly said Puig, “grabs something every time he takes a swing and misses.”

Too bad he doesn’t grab a Spanish copy of Dummies Guide to Running the Bases.

Yasiel Puig has all the talent in the world, but at times, he looks like he doesn’t really know how to play the game of baseball. And who can blame him? He played only 23 games at the Class-A level and another 40 at the Double-A level. That’s it. He was then called up to the majors. In a perfect world, he would be down in the Dodgers’ minor league system, learning the game the right way. The world is not perfect and as a result, Puig is starting in left field for the Los Angeles Dodgers and his jersey is a top-seller in the official team store.

I wonder if Puig, who defected from Cuba in 2012, even really knows who Mattingly is. Does he know that his manager was one of the best players of his generation? Probably not. If he did, public criticism of Puig’s play would have a lot more power behind it.

(AP Photo/Don Wright, File)

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