Dodgers sign Trevor Bauer to three-year, $102 million deal

Photo: Aaron Doster/Associated Press

Free-agent pitcher Trevor Bauer is now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

From ESPN:

After days of speculation that his free-agent decision would come down to the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Mets, Trevor Bauer chose to join the reigning world champions on Friday afternoon. Bauer and the Dodgers agreed on a three-year, $102 million deal that has opt-outs after Years 1 and 2, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan, and will pay the 2020 NL Cy Young winner an MLB-record $40 million in 2021.

I’m surprised the Dodgers signed Bauer. There’s no denying he is a great pitcher. He’s also from the Los Angeles area. He grew up in┬áSanta Clarita, very close to where I grew up. He went to college at UCLA.

I thought the Mets were going to sign Trevor Bauer. Signing the best pitcher in 2020 seemed like a very 2021 Mets type of thing to do. Instead, he went to the Dodgers.

My only concern is that Clayton Kershaw will become a free agent after this 2021 season. It’s imperative that the Dodgers resign Kershaw. I cannot imagine the Los Angeles Dodgers without Clayton Kershaw. I cannot imagine a world where Kershaw is a member of the Mets, Yankees, or Braves. I think the sight of him wearing another team’s uniform would make me cry. And I don’t mean I would cry in a manly, dignified way. I would cry like a little girl.

It’s great that the Dodgers added Trevor Bauer to their lineup. I just hope it’s not going to preclude them from resigning the greatest pitcher in Dodger’s history.

Here’s a video Bauer made for his YouTube channel announcing where he will be playing. Yes, Trevor Bauer has a YouTube channel. The video is slick and very well made.

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