Los Angeles Dodgers beat Boston Red Sox 3-2 in the 18th inning

Thanks to Max Muncy hitting a walk-off homer in the 18th inning, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Boston Red Sox 3-2 early this morning. The Red Sox are now up 2-1 in the 2018 World Series.

The game lasted seven hours and 20 minutes. It ended at 12:30 am Los Angeles time. Considering the game took twice as long as a regular game to play, it’s a pity the Dodgers didn’t get awarded two wins from last night’s contest. Unfortunately, that’s not the way baseball works.

Considering how long the game lasted, I’m guessing my DVR failed to record the last four hours of the game. That’s what I get for not staying up until 3:30 am Hagerstown time to watch it live.

I hate postseason Dodgers baseball

There are only a few things I hate in life: the music of Jimmy Buffett, dolphins. Reebok, racial bigotry, and postseason Dodgers baseball.

The reason I find postseason Dodgers baseball to be so detestable is its finality. I’m used to baseball not really mattering all that much. Your favorite team can have a terrible game and it’s not really as emotionally crushing because they will play again tomorrow. Unless they’re the 2018 Baltimore Orioles, they’ll most likely play better. Playing every day makes losing or terrible play much more palatable.  The next day’s game erases the earlier game’s stink. At least it does in your mind.

Post-season baseball is not like that.

I cannot even watch postseason Dodgers games

I cannot even watch the Los Angeles Dodgers play in the postseason, not live. I’ve lived in Maryland for almost 24 years, but I grew up in Los Angeles County. The first Major League Baseball game I ever saw in person was a Dodgers game. I’ve been to more Dodgers games than Orioles games. No matter how long I’ll live in Maryland, the Dodgers will be in my DNA. It’s because of this fact that I can’t watch the Dodgers in the postseason. At least not live. I get too worked up.

This World Season is especially bad because I hate the Red Sox. Mostly I hate Red Sox fans. Most of them are obnoxious pricks, especially those who don’t live in the New England area.

When the Dodgers lost last year’s World Series, it wasn’t as demoralizing as it could have been because I don’t hate the Houston Astros. They’ve been mired in the suck for so long, as a sports fan, I couldn’t help but admire their turnaround. Plus, I’m a big fan of ugly uniforms. The old Astros unis are so ugly, they look good. I’ve wanted a throwback Astors jersey for years now.

The Houston Astros throwback jersey is so ugly it looks good.

That’s not going to happen this year if the Dodgers end up losing the World Series. If anything, it will cause me to hate the Red Sox even more. I’m not even sure that’s possible.

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