Do not give Sophie Campbell a magic button

Comic artist Sophie Campbell (formerly Ross Campbell) wants to magically kill every Republican politician in Washington DC. We know this because that’s what she wrote on Twitter today. If it’s on Twitter, it must be true.

If I had a magic button I could push that would magically kill every GOP politician in Washington, I would push it and then take a nap.  — Sophie Campbell (@mooncalfe1) September 26, 2017I guess it’s a good thing she wants to do it magically because magic isn’t real. I’m not a fan of Republicans or the GOP either, but I don’t want to murder them. I want them to be replaced democratically with politicians who shared at least some of my opinions.


That will never happen.


Looks like Sophie Campbell blocked me on Twitter.

I hope she never gets that magic button of death. If she’s willing to block me on Twitter, she might be willing to murder me with button magic.

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4 thoughts on “Do not give Sophie Campbell a magic button”

  1. Lots of people want that GOP-murdering button, as lots of people are suffering under this regime. It’s “french revolution” bad for anyone not benefitting from the white, rich, male domination of our culture. Maybe, instead of dismissing this suffering, made obvious by wanting oppressors (the gop) dead, educate yourself.

  2. I should admit he looks better with the wig than bald and it looks as if he puts more effort in faking being a ‘woomyn’ than Brian Pissagio, Tamra Vill-anus or Miguel Perez.

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