How does one become a Diversity & Comics goon?

I’m a huge fan of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel. I owe comic book writer (and former Donald Trump supporter) Mark Waid for turning me on to it. I watch almost every Diversity & Comics video and enjoy most of them. I’m even a supporter of the Diversity & Comics Patreon, although I’m currently at the lowest level of Patreon support. Considering these facts, does this mean I’m a Diversity & Comics goon?

The reason I ask is simple:

If my fandom of Diversity & Comics makes me a Diversity & Comics goon, it would appear a person I’ve never met and had no interaction with, a perfect stranger to me, wants to beat the “living hell” out of me.

That’s really something. I know from personal experience giving someone a beating is a lot of work, and truth be told, it’s not fun. It can also be quite disgusting. Punch someone in the face a couple of times and it’s almost guaranteed you’re going to get their blood and mucus on you. Hit them hard enough with your bare fists and your knuckles will almost certainly crack. A cracked knuckle is an open wound. Stick that fist into the bloody mess that is their face and you and your opponent are exchanging bodily fluids.

Is that something you want to do? What if they have full-blown AIDS?

You also have to be concerned with the aftermath. What if after emerging from their coma, they have brain damage? Congratulations. You just made someone mentally retarded. Is that what you want?

Thanks, but no thanks. I want no part of beating the living hell out of anyone. I wish harm on no one.

Meet Dylan Todd

Who is this Dylo Ren person who wants to beat the living hell out of Diversity & Comics goons? His name is Dylan Todd and he’s an artist who owns and operates Big Red Robot based in Las Vegas, specializing in comics and culture design. From looking at his portfolio, he’s both talented and quite successful.

Dylan Todd, the man who wants to beat the living hell out of Diversity & Comics “goons.” (Photo:

If you’re into Diversity & Comics and you see Dylan Todd, take my advice and turn around and go the other way. He’s made it abundantly clear on Twitter he wants to visit violence upon you.

The best self-defense is always time & space. Put as much time & space between you and your would-be assailant. In this case, Dylan Todd, the guy in the above photo.

Unless you live near Las Vegas, you probably don’t have to worry about Dylan Todd jumping out of a bush with a piece of rusty rebar. You can never be too careful though. If you dig Diversity & Comics as much as I do, you might want to keep your head on a swivel.

Finally, Dylan Todd is wearing a fake military field jacket in the above photo. It might be safe to assume then he has some fake military fighting skills to go along with his fake jacket. Just something to keep in mind.

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