Dish Network will now blackout NFL Network on Thursday nights

Dish Network removed Fox broadcast affiliates, FS1, FS2, and the Big Ten Network on September 26, 2019. The reason? To give the satellite provider an edge in negotiations with Fox on a new contract. It’s a dirty trick Dish often employs when trying to negotiate a better contract with content providers.

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When Dish blames Fox for the blackouts, they are lying.

Dish Network will also begin blacking out the NFL Network channel on Thursday nights begining with tonight’s game between the Los Angeles Rams at the Seattle Seahawks. Why? Is Dish now in contract negotiations with the NFL Network? Nope. It’s because the game is simulcast on Fox and NFL Network. Dish wants to stop customers in Los Angeles, the second-largest TV market in the country, from watching their local football team, the one not called the Chargers. If customers can watch the game on NFL Network, they will be less inclined to send form letters to Fox demanding they bend the knee to Dish.

Amazon Prime to the rescue

The good news is Dish customers can still watch tonight’s game on Amazon Prime. The streaming service is showing Thursday Night Football games live in partnership with the NFL. Dish Network cannot block that. They have no control over what Amazon Prime does. We can all thank Baby Jesus for that.

Dish Network is a bad actor

The way Dish abuses its customers makes it seem like they enjoy a monopoly. They don’t. Not really. Customers can get service from DirecTV or their local cable company. That is, those customers who aren’t still under contract with Dish. The problem is, even if your original contract is over, it’s a royal pain in the ass to switch to another service provider. You have to order the service, make an appointment for a tech to come to your home to connect everything up, and then hope they actually show up. Sometimes they don’t.

Cable TV is not a viable option

Our local cable TV provider Antietam Cable still uses antiquated technology for their cable box. The interface is extremely clunky. They charge extra if you want HD and even more if you want the ability to record programs. Plus, they are much more expensive than Dish or DirecTV. For me, switching over to cable is not really an option.

I’d switch to DirecTV, but I’ve had problems with them and their parent company AT&T. DirecTV jacks up their rates after the first year. AT&T is just an awful company that lies to its customers.

In conclusion

I’m about at the point where I’m willing to ignore my issues with DirecTV and AT&T and make a change. They’re trying to pay Fox less than market value for content. Why can’t they just pay what DirecTV and cable providers pay? Why do they think they’re so special?

It’s now crystal clear to me Dish is not a company normal human beings want to do business with. It’s run by dishonest Philistines. They resort to extortion and engage in shady behavior. Why hasn’t Dish blacked out Fox News? Why let customers watch fake patriot Sean Hannity, but not the Rams play the Seahawks? It makes no sense.

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