DirecTv says installer will be here between twelve and four, fails to show up

Up until a month ago, we were DirecTv subscribers. We switched back to Antietam Cable, the local cable TV provider for the Hagerstown area. The price was a bit cheaper, but that wasn’t the driving force behind the desire to switch. I wanted to switch because of the NFL Redzone. With DirecTv, to get the NFL Redzone, you have to pay for the most expensive NFL package they have available, Sunday Ticket Max. With Antietam Cable, you only have to pay for the basic sports upgrade, less than eight dollars a month.

After we switched, we realized pretty quickly that the difference between DirecTv and Antietam Cable was like night and day. After only a couple weeks of Antietam Cable, not being able to watch one program and record another, we realized we made a mistake. The tipping point was last Saturday morning when we turned on NBC Sports to watch the English Premier League and discovered we suddenly didn’t have the channel. The sports package, the reason we switched back to Antietam Cable in the first place, had been mistakenly turned off.

When we signed up for Antietam Cable, they gave us a free month of HBO and Showtime. After a month of free service, last Saturday, they turned the channels off. The problem is that they also turned off all our other premium channels, the ones we actually paid for, the ones we actually wanted, including our sports package.

We decided then and there to go back to DirecTv. After all, they had been hounding us with special offers, both in the mail and over the phone since we canceled. Instead of watching soccer last Saturday morning as I had planned, I called and reordered DirecTv. The “professional” installation was scheduled for Saturday, August 24, from noon to 4:00 pm.

The installer never showed up.

At 5:15 pm I called DirectTV. After explaining everything to the customer service representative, she apologized and said our installer must be running late and she would contact them to “ax” how much longer they were going to be. She also credited $50 credit towards my bill to make up for the delay.

Is a fifty dollar credit worth wasting a Saturday afternoon? I don’t think it is. At that point, it had been five and a half hours of standing by, waiting for someone to show up. That works out to be less than $10 per wasted hour.

At around 6:00 pm, I got a call from an installer. He said that my job had just been dropped into his queue and the earliest he could possibly be here was in two hours. He then proceeded to complain to me about having my installation sprung on him like that.

I told him not to worry about it, that he could just forget about even coming here. I then called DirecTv and canceled the reorder.

We wasted all day Saturday for nothing. The ironic thing is that the installation would have been a snap. Since we are prior subscribers, we already have the dish on the roof and pointed in the right direction. The cable is already run to the junction box outside. All the installer would have to do is connect it to the cable going into the house. That, and connect the DVR to the TV. I doubt the whole job would have taken more than 15 minutes.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back to Antietam Cable, and I don’t want to ever give another penny to DirecTv. I guess there’s always Dish Network. Their DVR is supposed to be really nice.

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  1. sitting around waiting for Direct TV – just got the first call asking if its OK to come 1-2 hours late…. (4 hours wasted so far)

  2. Same here. Direct TV emailed and called the day before to confirm the appointment I had. Then, day of the appointment, after waiting several hours I called to find out where they were. My appointment was switched to a different random date (that I wouldn’t even be home for) with no call, no notice, no one even asking if I could make this date. Escalating to a supervisor and waiting on hold twice for 30 minutes each, hung up on both times. Their only explanation was their system bumped me due to “high volume ” and rescheduled a week later. I asked what would assure this wouldn’t happen again and they had no answer! And the 50 dollar credit does not make up for lost, wasted time and having to take off work and rearrange my schedule. It doesn’t even cover their $69 installation fee.

    1. It is happening to us right now. DOSH neywork is so much better but the onyernet service is dificult in our area. We are comcast slaves. I miss Optimum online.

  3. I had an appointment with direct tv on Monday from 9-11. Never came out and no one called. After 2 hours complaining with direct tv and AT&T staff they finally came to a conclusion that my area didn’t have internet access and the order was for tv and internet so no one came out. They took it upon themselves that the order was wrong. So I rescheduled for Friday from 9-11. Once again no show. Got a call 3 hours later to reschedule for Monday. Well here it is Monday and I’m on the phone with them trying to cancel service. Now I’m literally typing this while I’m on hold. They can’t cancel an order because I’m technically not a customer yet. FML

  4. Had this happen to me today! 12-4 appt no call no show. I advised that my current cable provider offered me a deal that I’m considering and wanted more information about cancelling the DTV order. She went ahead and credited my account $100.00 and att waived my activation fee. Rescheduled, happen again, and I’ll cancel. First time -shame on you, sending time- shame on me.

  5. I left a golf game early got home to be at home between 12 and 4 the message on the phone was some crap recording stating that my appointment was now solidly going to be between 12:30 and 1 o’clock ran to the store had time while I was out I got a cal at 12:10 saying there was someone at my house is there no communication between management and employees or is it all just a free for all?

    1. Same with me. Given date and 8-12 timeline. No show no call. When I called for the third time I was told the technician couldn’t find my house. Come on!!! I’ve lived here 35 years and they’ve been here about 3 times to install or do work. He said they couldn’t find it with the GPA and didn’t get an answer when they called me. I was right here waiting. Told them they lied and see if they could find my house when they came to pick up equipment in the street

      1. Henrietta Blair

        Don’t go with Dish to get away from AT&T. They’re taking them too.

        Today is my bday and I thought ok 8-12 pm would be ok to wait. No one called and so I called them back. They told me on an auto call back after I cussed out one guy for saying only my hubs is listed on the acct and I can’t make changes: that my tech was on his way and they didn’t forget about me. He’d be here before 12 noon and its gonna take 3 hours. Um…no its not because I had another guy online talking to him and told him to cancel it that they won’t come anyway. He said Tuesday from 12-4 pm they’d be here. I told him to let Directv know if they turn off my tv again it will be cancelled. I am sick of their tyranny!

  6. Sorensen said 1-5 pm last few days I plan go home by 1 pm but DTV guy was at my apt at 12:11 pm I told him stay there please till I come there I cancel pick med up at HyVee I am deaf why interpreter mess up. Not my fault I drive fast to my apt but DTV guy not there I still bad moody very disappointed

  7. Yes, don’t ever Ever schedule in the afternoon. Had the same issue, scheduled Noon-4 PM, even called to confirm at 2:10 PM the day of. NO SHOW and no call to let us know when and IF they’d show up. Worst service ever, in my opinion!!! Then said they could come out 2 days later, didn’t call or show up. They said they never rescheduled. I can’t tell you how upsetting this is.

  8. Same thing happened to my family . We have been waiting since 8 am for the installation guy to come and never showed and me and dad are still waiting . I am getting really pissed off at this service .

  9. This happened to me today as well. They called to confirm and said they would be here between 8 and noon. I waited until 3:45 to call them, and was told that there was a delay due to issues with the installation prior to mine and that the installer would call me. It is now 7:45 and I haven’t received a call or has Direct been here. I am just upgrading due to needing new equipment. Very easy install…looking at other options at this time. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

  10. This happened to me as well. My installation was scheduled for today between 12-4. No call no show. I called several times only to be told, a technician would be calling within 30 minutes. I never received the call. I stayed on the phone with Direc TV for an hour and a half being transferred to several different reps. One of the reps told me it was my job to call the office when the technician didn’t show. At the end of all this my issue was not resolved. Worst service ever!

  11. this is the me too movement of directv sux. i took the day off and they cancel due to equipment shortage. i say cuss word hang up. cooling down before i call and axe what’s going on here

  12. Last Wednesday I ordered new direct service. For the next 4 days including today……still no show or no call….literally no show for 4 days
    Getting so freakin pissed!! They need to hire more workers!!

    1. Bobbie Marie Aucker

      Did they ever come? I have been dealing with them for 2 days now and it has been a joke. They won’t let me cancel it

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