Did Captain America take steroids?

The first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger has been released and it looks like the movie is going to be a good one. Great even. Then again, a lot of crummy movies have had great looking trailers.

It might be interesting to see how the public reacts to the origin story of Captain America. Army scientists took Steve Rogers, a kid too scrawny to even join the Army during World War Two, injected him with a special super-soldier serum, and turned him into a well-muscled super-human. It’s very similar to what people are accusing Barry Bonds of doing. People hate Barry Bonds and other baseball players from the last decade because they believe they used steroids. Is taking super-soldier serum similar to taking anabolic steroids?

Yeah, sort of.

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  1. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the trailer. Never thought much of it before, but this hero is juiced up. Does this really make him an ideal hero? It’s like the Staples Easy button. He doesn’t overcome insurmontable odds to be adored. People love the underdog role where hardwork pays off. Can you imagine if in the movie Rudy he juiced up? I mean he was an undersized, nitwit that was dedicated and stubborn. Would the story be just as poignant if Rudy was given steroids? No. Would the story of David vs. Goliath be the same if God suddenly made David as strong as Goliath? No. It took courage and skill to defeat him. Hell, if you go back and watch the one training montage in Rocky IV where Rocky is working hard and you suddenly see Ivan Drago injected with the needle you think to yourself, WTF? Cheating rooskie! It’s somehow different if superheros get their power by chance (spiderman) or train hard and use their brains (batman, iron man) or are just born with them (mutants and superman). Captain America is a sham! But I will probably still go see the movie.

  2. Here’s how I see it: To juice up for a sport, fame, money and glory (manny pacquiao btw—a complete other topic) is one thing. But to juice up to put your butt on the line to save the world is very different.

  3. I have nothing against someone taking steroids to make them feel, look, or perform better. That applies to professional athletes or superheros. To me it’s not more evil or immoral than lifting weights or only eating broiled skinless chicken breasts.
    I thought the trailer was kind of ironic considering the timing. Barry Bonds is being prosecuted by the federal government because they think he lied under oath about knowingly using steroids. Even if Bonds did take steroids, he still had to spend about a bazillion hours in the gym lifting weights.
    Steve Rogers didn’t have to spend any time in the gym working.

    1. Yep, and Red Skull should have remained a Nazi. Speaking of Nazi Germany, the German soldiers drug of choice in WW2 was methamphetamine. I guess the United States needed to make a super-soldier that could compete with these tweeker-soldiers. To me, getting a guy juiced up for warfare is much more acceptable than athletes juicing for competition. We’re talking about the fate of the free world, and one needs all the advantages they can get. Could Captain America be considered a “chemical or biological weapon”? Hmmm.

  4. You know I never really thought about it before but
    the other day it smacked me in the head !
    And I started thinking.. Do we really need a guy
    that takes a serum that seems WAY to much
    like steriods to be called captain AMERICA??
    In this day and age?? Maybe a kid might be playing
    with his friend and make a jesture like shooting
    up a needle and say IM CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!
    Is that what you want your kid to do?? Serum or no

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