Diablo III: Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch bundle


Diablo III: Eternal Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the occasion, Nintendo is releasing a bundled version of the Switch.From Nintendo:

The devil is literally in the details of a new Nintendo Switch bundle featuring Blizzard’s legendary game Diablo III: Eternal Collection, launching exclusively at GameStop on November 2. Fans who pick up the devilish bundle will receive a Nintendo Switch system and dock featuring Diablo III artwork, a download code for the Diablo III: Eternal Collection game and a themed carrying case, all at a suggested retail price of $359.99.

The YouTube Video

The only bad thing about this bundle is you have to buy it at GameStop. Since my niece no longer works for GameStop, I feel allowed to bust on them again. I don’t like GameStop.

I don’t own a Nintendo Switch, but if I did, I’d buy it in a bundle. You might as well considering the regular game system as a “suggested” retail price of $299. Those don’t come with a game. A game for the Switch costs $60. I don’t have my abacus or calculator handy, but it seems it makes sense to go ahead and just buy a bundle. It not only comes with a game you want to buy anyway, but it also has special artwork on the system and the dock.

Who doesn’t like artwork on their dock?

I want a Nintendo Switch

I own Diablo III: Eternal Collection for the PC, but I never play it. I’m not a fan of fullscreen gaming on the PC. I like to do multiple things while at once while I’m on the PC. I do want to get a Nintendo Switch. I prefer handheld gaming. I’ve owned a couple of Nintendo 3DS XL systems, but the screen size got to be too small for long periods of use. I was getting ice cream headaches when I played it for long periods of time. Not only is the Nintendo Switch screen larger, but you can also connect it to your TV making it ginormous.

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