Diablo III releases today

The much-anticipated computer video game Diablo III goes live today, hitting store shelves everywhere. The standard game goes for $59.99. There’s also a special limited edition collector’s edition that not only comes with the basic game, but a book on the art featured throughout the game, plus a bunch of other special trinkets and doodads. I’m not sure how much that goes for. My guess is somewhere over a hundred bucks.

Blizzard, the maker of the Diablo series of games as well as the ever popular World of Warcraft series, took a lot of grief when it was announced that unlike the other Diablo games, Diablo III players would have to log on to Blizzard’s servers before game play can begin. The reason for this was to combat piracy. If players were forced to log in each time they play, Blizzard can check the copy of their game to make sure it’s legit. Blizzard does this with World of Warcraft, but unlike Diablo, World of Warcraft is solely an online game. The actual single-player campaign in Diablo takes place off-line.

Because so many people are all logging on to Blizzard to play Diablo III for the first time today, the servers are starting to wilt. Instead of being able to log on and begin their game, players are getting an “error37” message which means, Blizzard doesn’t care that you paid $60 and called out sick from work, you aren’t playing today.

I’ll probably give Diablo III a try, but not for a while. I’ll wait till the hubbub dies down and the game goes on sale at Target or Best Buy. I may even end up buying the special collector’s edition because I love trinkets.

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