Diablo III: A giant bucket of suck?

I just received $60 in Amazon credit from my employer as some sort of reward for meeting some sort of silly objectives this past quarter, and thought I would go ahead and purchase Diablo III, which as luck would have it, sells for $60. It seemed like a perfect use of my free Amazon credit. I went on Amazon last night and was about to purchase Diablo III when I happened to see the ratings other Amazon users have been giving the game.

It wasn’t pretty.

Most of the reviews, 546 of them, have been single stars. Only 281 have been 5-star reviews.

At first I thought the negative reviews were a result of the first day problems Blizzard had with forcing people to log into their wimpy servers before they could play the game. I then read some of these 1-star reviews and that didn’t seem to be the case. Granted, there were a lot of negative reviews that mentioned the server problem, but it appeared people just didn’t like the game.

This just goes to show that you should never pre-order a video game.

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