Kobe Bryant 1978 – 2020

Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020- Bent Corner
Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020- Bent Corner

Like a lot of people, I was shocked to learn about the death of Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant this past Sunday. People die all the time. Even celebrities die all the time. It’s part of the normal human condition. That doesn’t male it any less devastating when it happens.

Compounding the horror of Kobe’s death was how it happened: the  Sikorsky S-76 helicopter he was on with eight other people, including his 13-year-old-daughter Gianna, crashed into the ground resulting in a fiery explosion, killing all that were on board.

Here is the list of all souls lost in the crash:

  • Kobe Bryant, 41
  • Gianna Bryant, 13
  • John Altobelli, 56, Orange Coast College head baseball coach
  • Kerri Altobelli, John’s wife
  • Alyssa Altobelli, John and Kerri’s daughter, who was Gianna’s basketball teammate
  • Sarah Chester
  • Payton Chester, Sarah’s daughter, and basketball teammate
  • Christina Mauser, girls basketball coach at Mamba Sports Academy
  • Ara Zobayan, pilot

The helicopter was traveling to a nearby girl’s basketball tournament. Taking a helicopter was something Kobe did since his early playing days. I’m sure you’ve heard about how bad traffic is in Los Angeles. If anything, it’s even worse than the stories.

There will never be another Kobe Bryant

Kobe played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years. It’s a feat that will never be matched or surpassed. Basketball is rarely something players play their entire career with one team, let alone 20 years. To say he was a beloved figure in the Los Angeles area is an understatement. I’ve never met a Clippers fan in Southern California, but I have to assume if they exist, they loved Kobe too.

Not to make this tragedy about me, but when I heard about Kobe’s death, I was wearing a pair of his Black Mamba shoes. I just bought them the week prior. 

Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020 - Bent Corner
Nike AD Black Momba shoes

I now feel like never wearing them again and also never wearing anything but them. I haven’t decided which feeling is stronger yet. 

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