DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed

DC Comics names Daniel Cherry as general manager

DC Comics hired Daniel Cherry, Activision Blizzard’s chief marketing officer for its esports division, to be its new general manager.

Mr. Cherry was responsible for the marketing of Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues played by professional video game players. His job at Activision Blizzard served as a natural stepping stone to being the general manager of one of the world’s most prominent publishers of superhero comic books.

DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed

The general manager position is new at DC Comics. The position replaces the Editor-in-Chief position formally held by Bob Harras. Mr. Harras was a decent enough guy, but he knows diddly squat about esports. He also never wore a jaunty hat. Clearly, Mr. Harras had to go.

Daniel Cherry lacks knowledge in comics, but he makes up for it in wokeness

Check out the header image of Mr. Cherry’s Linkedin page:

DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed
How woke is your Linkedin page?

Most people try to keep their Linkedin page 100 percent professional. Not Daniel Cherry. He chose a redesigned Gay Pride flag with a Black Lives Matter power fist superimposed over it to decorate his Linkedin page.

DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed
The “old” gay pride flag. I took this photo in front of Doug TenNapel’s mansion.

The “old” Gay Pride flag needed an update because it was far too racist. It now has a black and brown stripe on top, where they belong, on top. It also features more muted colors, making it look nothing like a rainbow.

Placing a Black Lives Matter power fist on his Linkedin page was a stroke of genius on the part of Daniel Cherry. Who does not like Black Lives Matter? The organization has a lot going on for it. The people who created the group are trained Marxists. Black Lives Matter is against the “Western-prescribed” nuclear family. This is what it says on the official Black Lives Matter website:

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

Notice how it did not say anything about fathers? That was not a mistake. Fathers are stupid, gross, and unnecessary. Who needs fathers when you have a Marxist village?

I like the Black Lives Matter black fist, but the one I wore was better

One of the things I love the most about Black Lives Matters is the imagery, especially the black power fist. It reminds me of something I used to wear.

DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed

The old Strategic Air Command (SAC) black fist is far superior to the Black Lives Matter black fist. It is better because it is encased in metal, has red lightning bolts, and includes an olive branch. It also had nothing to do with Marxism.

I am not a marketing expert, but I wonder if I should display the SAC logo on my Linkedin page. It is probably not divisive enough. Plus, I do not remember the password to my Linkedin account.

I look forward to the books DC Comics will publish under Daniel Cherry’s direction. I think he will help usher in a new level of wokeness that has been missing from comic books for far too long.

The end is nigh

In all seriousness, I believe the comic book industry and hobby as we know it are doomed. The end is coming, and it is coming soon. If you have not prepared yourself for the end of comic books, maybe you should think about doing so now.

If you are a retailer, maybe you should think about branching out into the lucrative business of selling COVID-19 masks on Facebook. If you are a collector, maybe it is time to switch your interests to something with a better future like pogs or Beanie Babies.

DC hires Daniel Cherry as general manager, comics are doomed

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