DC Entertainment lacks a ‘coherent creative and brand strategy’

Discovery Entertainment purchased WarnerMedia from AT&T for $43 billion last week. Discovery Entertainment merged the two companies into Warner Bros. Discovery. David Zaslav is the President and CEO. He was the CEO of Discovery Entertainment.

Who knew Discovery could get its hands on $43 billion?

According to Variety, Zaslav and other leaders in the company are considering “turning DC into its own solidified content vertical.”

From Variety:

Insiders say that Zaslav believes that the success of the merger, one that has left the company highly leveraged, will rest in no small part on unlocking the full potential of the DC Comics universe of characters. Discovery insiders believe that although DC has achieved cinematic success with recent films such as “Aquaman” and “The Batman,” it lacks a coherent creative and brand strategy.

DC lacks a “coherent creative and brand strategy,” is a whopping understatement.

DC entertainment characters in the comics bear little resemblance to their counterparts in the movies and TV shows. In the comics, many of the characters have come out as gay or bisexual. The current Superman is now bisexual. Robin is gay.

DC Entertainment lacks a 'coherent creative and brand strategy' - Bent Corner

I’m assuming “coherent creative and brand strategy” would include not making characters in the comics gay bisexual icons if they’re not gay bisexual icons in the movies or the TV shows. Things would certainly be more coherent if characters in the movies, TV shows, and comics all shared the same sexual orientation.

Or maybe not. Who knows? I know I’m looking forward to watching The Batman when it appears on HBO Max April 18.

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