ConEdison ends DC electrical power in New York City

DC electrical power

I didn’t even know DC electrical power was still available anywhere, let alone in New York City. ConEdison still had one lone DC power station still up and running and feeding DC to customers. It was finally converted over to Nikola Tesla’s AC electricity on November 14.

Good. Now if we could only get New York City to stop making inferior salsa despised by hardworking cowboys.

Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla

Back in the day Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla had a long standing feud over which current was better, DC or AC. Edison pushed the idea of using inefficient DC while Tesla campaigned for the much more efficient AC current. Edison denounced AC as being too dangerous. He would even publicly electrocute live cows and other large animals with AC to try to show just how scary dangerous AC current supposedly was.

DC electrical power vs. AC electrical power

In reality, DC is much more dangerous then AC. I’ve been shocked numerous times by both AC and DC. It’s Edison’s DC that felt like Czernobog’s killing hammer.

For getting electrical power from one place to another, AC is the superior form of current. It’s not even debatable.

Nikola Tesla was truly a genius and he was one of the most important men to ever live. Of course he died penniless and in debt because that is just the way life works.

12 thoughts on “ConEdison ends DC electrical power in New York City”

  1. “….Of course he died penniless and severely in debt because that is just the way Life works.”

    Sorry,But that is how corporate America works and the likes of those that funded the industrial revolution with a wee bit of help from big brother…It is a bit ironic that that same big brother that helped destroy him awarded him back 15 of the 16 patents he was fighting for….of course that was after his death and after big brother confiscated all of his workings in which they now own said patents….Convenient.

  2. All The Worlds A Stage

    Actually it was J.P. Morgan that caused Tesla’s downfall. Tesla would have went down in history had it not been for JP blackballing his wireless power transmission station.

    JP Morgan.. now that was a hell of a guy…. He’s also the one that released false information that caused the banking world to go into a panic which led to the great depression. Allowing banks to call in loans in mass and foreclose on pretty much the entire country.. Its was the first great theft and shift of “money power” in US history..

    Its shameful to know that this mans company is still in existence today.

    Its all about to happen all over again too..
    This is what happens when we teach false history… The real history repeats itself.

    1. What does JP Morgan have to do with the last DC power station in New York shutting down? Nothing. It didn’t two years ago when I wrote this and it doesn’t have anything to do with it today.

      1. All The Worlds A Stage

        You said…

        ““….Of course he died penniless and severely in debt because that is just the way Life works.””

        Life didn’t do that to him.. JP Morgan did.

        That’s what it has to do with it.

        1. Something tells me that if I wrote a blog post about how JP Morgan ruined Nikola Tesla’s life, two years from now you or some other know-it-all asshat would come along and argue that Tesla died penniless because that’s just the way the world works.

  3. All The Worlds A Stage

    Why so hostile? You right a blog.. then throw a fucking fit like a toddler when someone read it and comments on it.. Where is the logic in that?

    Theres no expiration date posted.. Excuse me if i missed it.
    I just clicked stumble last night and guess what? *POOF* there your blog was right infront of my eyes.. for the first time.. Yes Sir.. That the way the interweb works.

    What? You wrote a blog and what? You in-visioned yourself to be some kinda self-proclaimed “expert” and HOW DARE anyone know something about the thing you blogged about that you didn’t know..

    Forcing you to lash out in some kinda hormone driven ape like behavior? Seriously.. What are you going to do next? Piss on me to mark your territory?

    Get a grip nutty. Sorry if i somehow offended you or what ever it was i did to your brain.

    1. I “right a blog? Excuse me if I’m not falling over myself to learn anything from you. I wrote a blog post over two years ago about DC electrical power, AC electrical power, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. You then come along and hijack the comment section, going on and on about JP Morgan.

      I could care less about JP Morgan. In fact, I care even less about JP Morgan than I do about JP Losman or JC Whitney. Of all the JPs, JP Morgan is at the bottom of my interest list.

      You bore me. Now just go away.

      1. All The Worlds A Stage

        Yeah. Sorry about the typos..

        I forgot to have my wife spell check for me.

        You’ll have to excuse me, I’m just an ex-military man who evidently took far too many blows to the head. But then again, some could argue that if i was willing to throw my life away for a politicians greed and willing to murder innocent people on his command, I must not have been that bright to begin with.

    1. Mostly because it’s harder to break from a DC circuit than an AC circuit. The ripple effect of AC makes it much easier to break free. Working as an electronics tech, I’ve been shocked more times than I can count. Mostly I’ve been zapped with AC single-phase voltages ranging from 110 volts all the way to 460 volts. I’ve always been able to quickly and easily break away from the contact with the voltage without any real harm.

      The worst shock I ever had was with 28 volts DC. I made contact with and it felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat.

  4. This depends on a great many factors. High power is more dangerous than low power, regardless of whether it is AC or DC.

    A smaller amount of 60Hz AC current traveling through your body will cause more harm than an equivalent DC current. As frequency is increased, DC becomes more harmful (up to several tens of kHz, anyway).

    AC current is easier to break, due to the “zero crossing” (when current is equal to zero). It also is more likely to blow you off the conductor than DC current, which tends to cause you to grab on tightly.

    High frequency AC can cause burns, even when you are beyond the point where arcing to your body could occur (such as cell phone antennas – you don’t want to spend too much time directly in front of them – they will litterally slow cook you!).

    There are many many more comparisons that can be made, but the point is it depends on the situation. You could say AC is more dangerous to the person hurt by AC, and DC is more dangerous to the person hurt by DC. High power, regardless of AC or DC, is dangerous in and of itself”

    Read more:

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